The Month of May

[Although intended as a daily score for the month of May, these foci, filters, plots or tentposts may be applied to any 31 day (or other time unit) sequence or chosen individually when the need arises.]

1 you

2 you and a thing

3 you and a thing and a reason

4 you, a thing and a reason and a destination

5 you, 3 things and no destination

6 you, someone else, their 2 reasons, your 2 objections

7 you, 3 precedents, 1 agglutination, 1 conceit, 1 fancy ribbon

8 you, a half-baked idea, 6 fancy ribbons

9 you, a half-baked idea, 6 different ovens, 1 taste test

10 her, her method, your jumbling of her method, her new method, 5 Methodists, 1 pack mule

11 1 pack mule, 10 cups

12 1 pack mule, 10 cups, Primetime

13 1 “May I..”, 3 “Mightn’t we..”s, 5 “Mustn’t they..”s, 4 Milquetoasts

14 13 Milquetoasts, 1 Bikram

15 1 Bikram, your mother, your mudra, 3 first types of ambiguity, 1 third type of ambiguity, 5 fifth types of ambiguity, and 3 hazy ambitionists

16 3 buckets of haze, 3 of scabies feces (invisible to the naked eye), 3 of varied parasitic sloughs (also invisible), 3 of generalized sloughs (visible, but hidden in a false bottom to the bucket), 3 false bottoms to a bucket (all empty), and 1 Bukkake producer

17 1 venture capitalist, 12725 Ventura Blvd, Studio City CA 91604 (Nicole Kidman), an idea for a domestic cupola with an oculus that dilates in accordance to Kidman’s pupils (hopefully with her endorsement)

18 1 endorphin sitting by himself on a motorcycle in a dark garage while 17 halter tops rubbed with chili oil pound at the door

19 1 almost, 4 bridges to almost (it’s an island), the load capacities of each bridge (4), the categories of loads allowed on each bridge (benchmarks, signposts, dovetails, spitfires), 4 craters at the island sides of each bridge that keep any load from entering or leaving the almost, 1 earthquake, 1 partial recovery

20 5 pieces of recovered data, 5 computer forensics experts each with one of those pieces of data in their pockets, 5 data storms creeping up their pantlegs, 5 evasive knee dances

21 7 forms of general intersocial volition, 7 forms of special intersocial volition, and 6 forms of conditional intersocial volition all in 1 Italian cheese shop

22 an urgency and 21 distractions

23 an urgency, 21 distractions, the application of the properties of one of the distractions to the urgency

24 an urgency, 21 distractions, the application of the properties of one of the distractions to the urgency, an insurgency

25 ‘emotional surgery’, the image first conjured by the term, 3 modifications to the image to make it less stable, 5 complications to the least salient feature in the modified image, 5 extrapolations from the newly complicated feature, a man sniffing around this room named G. Tropograde III and his 7 wives

26 7 wives, 7 horses, 6 horse-needs, 6 horse-need interferons

27 7 wives, 7 horses, 6 horse-needs, 6 horse-need interferons, 1 explanation that I am using ‘interferon’ here to suggest something that interferes with horse-needs, i.e. a physical obstacle to a horse getting his needed horse-thing rather than some internal protein blah blah

28 28 internal protein blah blahs

29 28 internal protein blah blahs and one vernal Goldstein, i.e. some Jew in Spring

30 one Jew in Spring, 2 in the bush, 15 minus twengly-naught in the nipper, root 2th to the sebum on the frive (‘2th’ is pronounced ‘tooth’, ‘sebum’ like a lazy ‘seven’, and ‘frive’ like a fried 5) and any number of nodgecocks at bay

31 it’s the 5th inding, Forthy’s at bat, Nodgecock’s at bat-bay right beneath Hunbred Fithty and his portal integer, and then comes n and C less than D !, and a k function Szombathy abundant by tweld, and
swa-bam! Knocks it right outta the base-x sequence!

Michael Portnoy, 2011