Darius Mikšys

Time Runs On Mud

The better part of clock designs are being based on mud. Those who once cracked open an electric battery knows the muddy substance inside that drives a clock’s oscillator. Sundials stand on soil or are embedded into concrete. A water clock mixed with a sand clock will produce mud. Biological clocks in our bodies are being permanently recycled from ashes. The same goes with auditory clocks. While clocks are only the interfaces of the time – time itself is the interface of the mud. As it is told: “the only purpose of time is to prevent things happening all at once” – that is to say, to prevent things from being mud.

Pic: Huge clock-like structures can be seen in the horizon. Coordinates: 45.507986039461464, 12.377793788909912 (better images will be available later).



The Little Match Girl, a translation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “Den lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne”, from the series Naming the fireworks, Redentore, Venice 2011.

Photo credits by Darius Mikšys /  Gražina Subelytė