by maurizio nannucci

In occasion of an exhibition held in canada in 1987, which he took part in together with Mmichael Snow and Lawrence Weiner, Maurizio Nannucci (1939) produced a small, but precious artist's book: Lives Here. Forty-nine color photographs of building facades where as many artists – close to him through friendship or shared interests – lived (or had lived). What could seem like a merely voyeuristic exercise instead appears like a kind of personal mapping of the art world. In addition to the strictly aesthetic qualities of these photos, there is a symbolic and evocative element that very much resembles the feeling one gets when meeting a famous person in real life. A mixture of attraction and disinterest opens out to a series of direct and simple associations that inexplicably add something. Here we present a small selection of photos from Lives Here, not least as a tribute to Nannucci's work, which has always explored the relationship between language, writing and visual images. Maurizio Nannucci was also one of the most active figures in the field of art publishing: in more than forty years of work he produced an incredible number of multiples, editions and artist's books, as well as founding the publishing houses exempla and zona archive editions and editing the seminal magazine méla.