a project by rä di martino

“I have been taking note through time of other artists’ works that bear a striking resemblance to ideas I have had and sometimes written in my notebook, but have never done. I catalogued these as: ‘works that could be mine’. More recently, looking at this list I drew a line and wrote a second list called ‘works that I would like to be mine’. I update these lists regularly and read with increasing curiosity the gap between the two; between what you can imagine yourself to be and how you would like to be, the image of yourself and the desire for something ‘other’ at play. I also started to consider what other artists' lists would be; if done in complete sincerity it’s an interesting set of lines and arrows between works seen through the eyes of one artist and how they view themselves. But it also inevitably plays with the idea of originality.”

Lists by PAVEL Büchler, Manchester, 21-09-2011

works that could be mine (if I was brave enough to do what always needs doing):

Leo Fitzmaurice
Horizon, 2011

Evangelia Spiliopoulou
Hygrothermograph2, 2010

Yuri Suzuki
Prepared Turntable, 2008

João Onofre
Five Words In A Line, 2006

Stefan Brüggemann
Untitled, 2007
Mirror, 86 x 80 inches

David Austen
Man Smoking, 2008

An artist whose name I cannot remember
No Smoking, c. 2010


works that I would like to be mine (because I am not brave enough):

Ger van Elk
Quest For A Horizon, 1999

Hans Haacke
Recording Of Climate in Art Exhibition, 1970

Wojciech Bruszewski
Gramofon, 1981

Dan Graham
Schema, 1966

Gerhard Richter
Spiegel, 1986

Marcel Broodthaers
Défense de Fumer, 1969–70

George Brecht
No Smoking, 1961

Robert Barry
This work has been and continues to be refined since 1969: It is whole, determined, sufficient, individual, known, complete, revealed, accessible, manifest, effected, effectual, directed, dependent, distinct, planned, controlled, unified, delineated, isolated, confined, confirmed, systematic, established, predictable, explainable, apprehendable, noticeable, evident, understandable, allowable, natural, harmonious, particular, varied, interpretable, discovered, persistent, diverse, composed, orderly, flexible, divisible, extendible, influential, public, reasoned, repeatable, comprehendable, impractical, findable, actual, interrelated, active, describable, situated, recogizable, analysable, limited, avoidable, sustained, changeable, defined, provable, consistent, durable, realized, organized, unique, complex, specific, established, rational, regulated, revealed, conditioned, uniform, solitary, given, improvable, involved, maintained, particular, coherent, arranged, restricted, and presented, 1971


Pavel Büchler, After Joseph Kosuth, after Douglas Huebler, after Lawrence Weiner ... Artforum, Vol. 36, No. 3, 1997, p. 16, 2007. Courtesy the artist.