Artists share works they’ve kept hidden away until now. This section is inspired by Hans Peter Feldmann, who once, on the occasion of an exhibition, asked Fischli&Weiss to send him images of works that they had never intended to publicly show


Originally trained in dance and anthropology, Christodoulos Panayiotou (1978) is interested in memory and forgetting, traces left in time, and absence. The creation of an identity and a culture, and the ways in which this can be manipulated through images, are also among his central preoccupations. His installations, videos and photographs – often evolved from ideas rooted in social observations – are devoted as much to archived objects as to new ways of seeing things. These works move in thematic circles, which establish connections among the individual pieces as well as defining the distance between them. Interested not only in the aesthetic value of the time captured in archived images, but also in the values these images gain through the process of accumulation, Panayiotou questions the perspectives and interpretations potentially contained in visual archives that reveal the history and identity of a nation.

The images Panayiotou selected for Feldmann Pictures are all photographs taken in parallel with the production of a work, as examples or notes. For those familiar with the artist, it will not be difficult to perceive, within this flux of images, the ghosts of different works.