by Emiliano Maggi

There are cases in which things, ideas and objects become mythical figures, abstract entities through individual and collective re-elaboration. At the exact moment this happens, something is set in motion. Wonderful Evol attempts to describe this with fragments and free reworkings of text and images.

Given the particular mental conditions of the narrator, I have decided to leave the original text unaltered, and so to authentically convey the real sense of this story.

Ci sono casi in cui cose, idee ed oggetti, attraverso rielaborazioni individuali e collettive, diventano figure mitiche, entità astratte. Nel momento stesso in cui questo accade, qualcosa si mette in moto. Wonderful Evol cerca di descrivere tutto questo con frammenti e libere rielaborazioni di testi ed immagini.

Viste le particolari condizioni mentali del narratore, ho deciso di lasciare il testo in lingua originale, senza apportare cambiamenti o correzioni, per restituire il vero e autentico senso di questa storia.


It all started around mid-june of 1997 me and my buddies, Anton, and Lou, and Bratt were preparing for quite some time to eat some poisonous plants to get a trip.
Now of corse we didn’t expected to suffer long drawn-out deaths,but we just had to try it,for the sake of getting on it under our belts,for the glory, and though we didn’t know it yet; FOR THE LULZ.
So we found our belladonna patch, in full bloom, berries and flowers looking all pretty and such, we decided not to take an ‘experimental’ amount, we instead had a contest to see who could eat the most.
The berries were bitter and burned like a motherfuck, the flowers tasted more like....well..flowers. We had eaten all we could find (there were only three or four plants in all).We each said a prayer, to quote Anton “If God didn’t want us to do this he wouldn’t have made us so stupid”. We headead back to the house, and we all amount of poison to be a bit like a Benedryl, a real spacey and dreamy feeling.
By the time we got to the house we were all nauseous, and the trip began then.

1:35 pm: Bratt (who had never even smoke pot, probably never taken an Asprin) began to freak out and starter dry-heaving over the toilet, shoving his fingers down the throat in a desperate attempt to throw up, he tried for what must have been half an hour with no luck, all of us were nauseous, a horrible nausea, but we couldn’t throw up. Bratt gave up his futile attemps to puke, saying,” i guess have to ride this torpedo straight to hell”.

3:00 pm: still as intensly sick as we were an hour and half ago, only now the hallucinations are starting to form, none of the other boys can walk, but i’m in the front yard pacing back and forth, chain smoking. The house didn’t have electricity, running water, gas, or anything. It was abandoned, a perfect place to die. I could hear my friends inside, screaming, cursing, talking, dry heaving, crying and making bargains with God.
I was on my second pack of cigs when i noticed i was covered of cobwebs, and i couldn’t shake them off, they were old webs, the spider was sur tell from the state i was in.

6:00 pm: i smoke my fourth pack of cigs, the butt were covering the ground, it was getting dark, so i decided to head back in. I remember having several lucid daydream-type moments, including one were my grandma told me i was going to die.
I didn’t care, i couldn’t walk anymore, i crawled back in the house, sitting, playing, laughing at the four idiots who had poisoned themselves, some were made of shadow, some covered of paint, grass and plants, some were long dead.
They were all pointing and laughing and carrying on, like our slow deaths were some goddamn circus act.
I fell down, according to Bratt, i was convulsing and laughing at the same time, trying to open a door, straitgh on the floor.

4:00 am (The second day): i woke up thinking i had taken a short nap, from what i gathered it hard been a full day since i had eaten the nightshade. I was sure i was dead, i was moving through the house, but i wasn’t sure if was actually up or not, i was bleeding from my nose( and possibly my eyes, my ears, and mouth), my skin was as pale as death, i was pretty sure i was no longer of the earth.
I heard Bratt,he was behind me, just as pale, bloody around the nose, he asked me if i was dead too, i said “i don’t know”.
Suddenly i had a lucid moment, i was conscious, the effects of the nightshade had instentaneously worn off, i was aware that i had eaten them and that i wasn’t dreaming!i was alive! I shambled into the basement to look at the mirror, walking was trouble, i was sick, i was weak.
In the mirror i saw myself, i was yellow and blue,my roots, my teeth was covered in blood, red.

12:00 pm: i was staring the clock, i don’t know what happened, after the mirror i was dead again. Big, gigantic brown animals walking, and running in the house. Anton and Lou were on the floor, stilla live. Bratt was gone,he was nowhere,he was gone.
I lied on the matress on the floor and went to sleep, and dreamed, insane dreams, sweating and crying. I didn’t know where i was, or if i was.

9: pm: Anton wakes me up,”i’m alive! I’m alive, we survived”.
What about Bratt? we’re going to look for him, we checked the yard,
still hallucinations, my mouth was insanely dry, like sandpaper.
Anton gave me some water and asked me if i had pissed in the last two days.
I felt my pants wet and i said “unless that’s blood,yeah”.

10:00 pm.
We had drank water,also red bull,cigarette and a banana.
We were back in the woods, looking for Bratt, we’d hear him scream, say hi, hear him walking, but when we looked we couldn’t see anything,we haven’t feared the worst.
The worst was yet to come.

12:00 the dead of midnight: the third fucking day of our trip, and yes, we were still very much tripping balls. Walking through the wood. Two hours, walking everywhere, hearing things, seeing things, touching, drifting off and coming back.
It was really happening.

1:30 am :i checked constantly the time, i had a real solid watch that kept perfect time.
In the dark woods we was tired as shit, sick, keep having the same crazy conversation.
I lost my shoes, Lou was convinced to loose his skin every time he touched the trees and Anton was looking for a drum kit in the brush.
Anton: you think Bratt is dead?
Me:maybe we are dead, and we can’t find Bratt because he’s alive.
Anton: you’re a dick.
Me: fucking drugs.
Anton: no drugs ...poison.
Lou: ...and we waiting to die.Im afraid,sitting in the woods talking to myself.

At this point in time we just both stopped talking, and continued walking, in the dark.
Delirious, disassociated, and dying.

2:23 am : Fever.... i drifted off, maybe i passed out, its hard to tell.
Anton was gone, lost, probably still talking to me.

3:00 am: finally got my skinny ass out of the woods, i was still sick and delirious. My insanity kept coming and going. I kept thinking/seeing Anton, Bratt and Lou right next to me, talking to them, and then they’d be gone. It was full moon, everything was illuminated. I had back it back home and no on there..three drugged up weirdos wandering in the woods under the full moon.

5:30 am. I waited as long as i could stand for them to come back.I was still crazy,every moment i would think i had to get ready for school, and would rush around the house looking for clothes, and stop and start again, and for the first time since eating the poisonous plants, i threw up.

6:00 am: the sun was coming and my eyes was coming out too.
I start walking down the road, bleeding from different cuts all over my body, i wasn’t yellow anymore, i was white, with two black rings around my eyes.
Someone in a red truck pulled up beside me and told me he was going to call the paramedics, i asked him “why,whats wrong?” he told me i was bleeding, i replied “i’m dead, and right now this is none of your goddamn business”. He drove off, and i never heard any sirens.

6:45 am: i made it to a little shop, i bought something with sunflower seeds and water,
hard coversation with the cashier,she was afraid.... I was half naked and covered in blood.

6:49: this is the most positive part of the trip. The part where i realized i had survived a lethal dose of poison, i felt like nothing that happened to me ever in my life could even scare me or hurt me, because i had survived this.I have to find my friend, because it would be a pretty shitty trip if i was the only one to survive.

12:00 am: i was finally coming down off the poison, i had Satan’s fire and Christ’s light guiding me. I was at home cleaning out my cuts and getting ready to drag myfriend’s bloody corpses out from the woods, i had eaten some rise and water and for some reason had a perfect understanding of the metric system. I wish i had taken a picture of myself then and there, i was scary, deep black eyes and alabaster skin. My muscles, my head. I lie down to rest. I looked over at my clothes and it was a fox, ad it say to me in a James Dean voice: ”you’re dying and you don’t give a shit, that’s wild man. All you wanted, all you needed... you did ...you survive”.

1:30 pm: i woke up, i run outside and there were my friend ,standing, all bleeding from their body, same dark circles under the eyes, but they were alive.

2:00 pm : we sat around in silent, brain fog, impossibile to explain what happened in the woods .......we knew .
The Belladonna was still there......
...and my life changed.

text by George; drawing by Eleonora, age 5; collage by Emiliano Maggi