a project by Rä di Martino

“I have been taking note through time of other artists’ works that bear a striking resemblance to ideas I have had and sometimes written in my notebook, but have never done. I catalogued these as: ‘works that could be mine’. More recently, looking at this list I drew a line and wrote a second list called ‘works that I would like to be mine’. I update these lists regularly and read with increasing curiosity the gap between the two; between what you can imagine yourself to be and how you would like to be, the image of yourself and the desire for something ‘other’ at play. I also started to consider what other artists' lists would be; if done in complete sincerity it’s an interesting set of lines and arrows between works seen through the eyes of one artist and how they view themselves. But it also inevitably plays with the idea of originality.”

Lists by MARIO GARCIA TORRES, Mexico City, 26 - 09 - 2010

works that could be mine:

Eduardo Costa
A Piece That Is Essentially The Same As A Piece Made By Any Of The First Conceptual Artist Dated Two Years Earlier Than The Original And Signed By Somebody Else, 1970

Barbara Visser
Mystic Truth (Calling Bruce), 2007

Ryan Gander
A Phantom of Appropriation, 2006

works that I would like to be mine:

Barry Le Va
Velocity Piece #1, 1969

Pierre Huyghe
Timekeeper, 1999

Charles Ray
Rotating Circle, 1998

Christopher D’Arcangelo
Withdrawal Piece, 1974

Robert Barry
The Space Between, 1969
0-9 Magazine. Ed. Vito Acconci and Rosemary Meyer

Michael Asher
No Title
Vision Magazine No. 1, 1975. Ed. Tom Morioni

The Atlas Group
I Only Wish That I Could Weep, 1996-2003

Chris Marker
Sans Soleil, 1982

Whatever Bruce Nauman comes up with through 2011

Hans Peter Feldmann
Pictures of car radios taken while good music was playing, 2004

Richard Tuttle
3rd Rope Piece, 1974

Steven Parrino
Crowbar, 1987

Franz Erhard Walther
Plinth, Four Areas, 1969