“Notes on Chopin” and “Portrait of Jennie” by Marco Fedele di Catrano at Fabrika, Moscow

Next week at Center for Creative Industries FABRIKA: a book presentation, an exhibition and a panel discussion all evolving from Marco Fedele di Catrano‘s project Portrait of Jennie. (more…)

Giorgio Orbi “INTHEMOUNTAINS Open Studio” at Village Eni, Borca di Cadore (BL)

Tiziano. 2013.
Hd Video. 00:10:00


Is nature a wild space where time is something certain like the fading images on a desktop, the images from the digital folders in our computers, or a familiar place where we are not able to guess the predictability of change?

From October 20 to 22, Giorgio Orbi will open his temporary studio at Villaggio Eni in Borca di Cadore, Veneto. The open studio of INTHEMOUNTAINS will be an opportunity to explore the various aspects of the creation process that led the artist during ten months of residence at the Dolomiti Contemporanee; as well as  an opportunity to see a selection of works that mark a path in continuity with his previous artistic production. (more…)

Kate Levant “Use Your Indicator” at Clima Gallery, Milan

View of Kate Levant “Use Your Indicator” at Clima Gallery, Milan
Courtesy: Clima Gallery, Milan

Kate Levant’s presentation of work is made of different medias, mostly installations, sculptures and two dimensional works created by the overlaying of material and concepts. (more…)

XING presents CANEDICODA/ROBERTA MOSCA (I) Musica per un giorno (Anno 2°) performance in Bologna


On Saturday 14th 4pm to Sunday 15th october 2017 4pm non-stop, Xing’s space in Bologna, Raum, opens its autumn activities with Musica per un giorno (Anno 2°), a durational performance of Canedicoda and Roberta Mosca. (more…)

Eugenio Espinoza, “Walk in Progress” at San Giuseppe delle Scalze in Pontecorvo, Naples

View of “Walk in Progress” at Chiesa di San Giuseppe delle Scalze a Pontecorvo, Napoli 2017
Courtesy Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Napoli
Photo credit: Danilo Donzelli

On  Saturday October 7 2017, a performance by Eugenio Espinoza was presented by Galleria Umberto Di Marino at the church of San Giuseppe delle Scalze in Pontecorvo, Naples.  (more…)

“I Giganti dell’Arte dal Teatro” at Casa Morra, Naples

Casa Morra, founded by Giuseppe Morra in 2016 as a museum space, begins its second year of activities, dedicating new environments to three artists who came to the theatre from painting and performance, inspired by the dream of the totality of art. (more…)