Michel Auder, Roman Variations at Sant’Andrea de Schaphis, Rome

Exhibition view: Michel Auder, Roman Variations, Sant’Andrea de Schapis, Rome, 2017
Courtesy of the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise New York/Rome.
Photo: Roberto Apa


Shot during Michel Auder’s one year residency in the Italian capital, Roman Variations (1991) is an epic film with Rome as its subject. The fifty-minute travelogue is an uncanny document of the eternal city at the dawn of the Berlusconi era. (more…)

Bridget Moser, Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder at Raum, Bologna

Photo: Bridget Moser

On Thursday 2 March at 10 pm Xing, presents at Raum, Things a Person is Supposed to Wonder, performance by the Canadian artist Bridget Moser (Italian première). Her singular body of work embraces the specter of failure as a primary aesthetic and conceptual departure point, through performing states of becoming or collapse, and eliciting sensations of being slightly ‘off’ or unreconciled. (more…)

Trigger Party with the collaboration of Xing at Marsèlleria, Milan

On Wednesday 1 March 2017 Marsèlleria will host, in via Privata Rezia 2, Milan, a special edition of the Trigger Parties by Siliqoon, with the participation of XING. (more…)

Marta Ravasi, Violette di Marte at Fantaspazio in Milan

Exhibition view: Marta Ravasi, Violette di Marte, Fantaspazio, Milan, 2017
Courtesy of the artist and Fantaspazio.
Photo: Roberto Marossi



In conversation with Christian Fennesz

23 February 2017

On the occasion of Austrian musician Christian Fennesz and visual artist Lillevan’s live performance of Mahler Remixed in Rome (28 February 2017, Main Hall of the Sapienza, Rome) – a personal reinterpretation of the syphonies of the celebrated composer Gustav Mahler using the sounds of electronic processing and colored abstract visuals that has drawn accolades around the world – NERO presents musicologist Simone Caputo’s interview with Fennesz. (more…)

Florian Neufeldt at the Gallery Apart, Rome

Stray Currents, the third solo show hosted in the the Gallery Apart‘s spaces in Rome by Florian Neufeldt, German artist based in Berlin, opens Friday 24 February 2017. Neufeldt carries on his research on the relationships between architectures, objects and matter, a path based on the idea of space, particularly with regard to mental space. The works by Neufeldt, indeed, are the result of a process of deconstruction and reconstruction which mostly takes place at thought level, starting from the evocative impressions offered to the artist by the expressive potential he himself sees in imagining the transformations to which he submits the objects used as starting points for his sculptures. (more…)