IDIOLETTA at O’ in Milan

19 September 2016

curated by Mattia Capelletti & Costanza Candeloro

Tuesday September 20th, 8pm
O’, via Pastrengo 12, Milano

Enrico Boccioletti • Niina Pollari

CM Gratitude • Ana Božičević
Alessandro Di Pietro • Monica McClure
Fenêtreproject • Daniel Borzutzky
Lorenza Longhi • Susan Wheeler
Andrea Magnani • Jennifer Kronovet
Elena Radice • Jeff Dolven
Real Madrid • David Tomas Martinez
Axelle Stiefel • CAConrad
Venturi & Vasiljević • Matthew Dickman
Seyoung Yoon • Chelsea Hodson


IDIOLETTA’s Moon lectures

1 September 2016

Idioletta will give lectures throughout this waxing Moon phase.
Today, waxing Moon in Aries.

Some say the night fell like an empire
Some rodeo rider
The neverending time before the deli opens

Let me reincarnate into a deli cat
Or subway rat let me never leave this place
And see my country again

Could’ve milked my
Sleep for cash
In the window the birds chirp

Same as in the porn I’m watching
The universe frotting and edging
Against nothing

To live alone
Woken by cars fucking
And listen to the microwave winds

Tears a blazin
And so very happy
Haven’t gone to sleep since last I was happy

So technically it’s still
Same old night we met
The crispy one I was born

Back when we were dinosaur and wore
Water of the Mountain
I didn’t have pussy yet

Just a wooden hole for sounds

Ana Božičević
Art History

Come fanno sbagliano

12 May 2016

Lo scorso 6 maggio la Questura di Roma ha chiuso il Circolo Dal Verme, sollevando un ampio coro di voci a supporto di uno dei luoghi più significativi per la vita culturale di Roma. Al di là del legame di vicinanza di NERO nei confronti del circolo e dei suoi animatori, non possiamo non reagire in qualche modo di fronte a ciò che leggiamo dietro a questo e ad altri episodi accaduti di recente. Abbiamo chiesto a Valerio Mattioli – uno dei nostri amici e collaboratori più stretti – un commento che, oltre a ripercorrere la vicenda, riflette la nostra posizione al riguardo.


THREE QUESTIONS IN THE DARK Interview with Mårten Spångberg by Luca Lo Pinto and Valerio Mannucci

19 April 2016

We first met Mårten Spångberg about ten years ago when we interviewed him for NERO. Knowing little, we immediately found his conception of dance enlightening. But enlightening is an awkward word to use today, especially in relation to Spångberg and the new work that the choreographer presented last week in Bologna at the preview of Live Arts Week V. (more…)

Pawel Althamer in conversation with Lorenzo Gigotti

4 December 2015

Photo by Rafał Żwirek


If the Draftsmen’s Congress is a continuous meeting of people who communicate with each other by drawing and sculpturing instead of words, it is also a place where conflict can arise and fears are confronted. Everyone is invited to join “the discussion” through paint, charcoal, collage, and other traditional materials and techniques and to react to different stimuli. (more…)

HEART, FILM AND EXHAUSTION: Caterina Riva talks to Diego Marcon

12 November 2015

Diego Marcon, SPOOL BROADCASTING, block III, Tape 05 . Elena, July 15 2012
View of the broadcast in a private house
Photo: Diego Marcon / Maddalena Quarta
Courtesy the artist


Milan, EXT. DAY.

A loud noise comes from inside the exhibition space. Once through the darkened threshold, a giant garden dwarf welcomes the visitor to Diego Marcon’s suggestive new body of works. The artist, on returning to Milan after over a year in Paris and after several months of tight work, faces up to what has been happening around him and analyses his own artistic drives, choosing to approach his beloved medium of film in an artisanal way. (more…)