The Painter

11 September 2017

The Painter—or what you might call a robot—improvises like an actor, generating unexpected narratives whilst nevertheless fulfilling a sort of choreography. Its creator, artist Piero Golia, directs and “speaks” unseen from under the stage, and remains more interested in the possibilities that the whole set may provide. In the same way, rather than a record, this book acts as a multiplier of narratives.

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Colour in Contextual Play

11 September 2017

An artist’s book and exhibition catalog at the same time, elegant and precious, designed by the founder of Conceptual Art. It serves as a visual analysis of the conceptual structures that interrogate the nature of color, form, space, and time, where the works and writings of Post-war artists such as Castellani, Fontana, Manzoni, and Klein, converse with Kosuth’s statements, and the theoretical as well as personal account of curator Cornelia Lauf.

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The Potential of Performativity: conversation with Florian Malzacher

2 August 2017

Impulse Theater Festival 2013
Photo credit: Robin Junicke

Curation in performing arts, dissensus and public space: a conversation with Florian Malzacher, artistic curator of Impulse Theater Festival and co-editor of the Empty Stages, Crowded Flats: Performativity as Curatorial Strategy (Alexander Verlag, 2017). (more…)

JOURNAL DE VOIX. Interview with Alessandro Bosetti

16 June 2017

Alessandro Bosetti, Journal de Bord, 2017


A conversation with the musician, composer, sound and radio artist Alessandro Bosetti, around his latest creation Journal de Bord, hörspiel for sound, voice, noises, text and music made of words and fragments of living reality premiered at the GMEM Centre de Creation Musicale in Marseilles. (more…)

IN THE OPEN SEA: Piersandra Di Matteo in conversation with Tihana Maravić and Tomas Kutinjač

9 June 2017

BLITZ. International Performing Arts Festival in Rovinj, 2017
Photo courtesy: Ognjen Maravic

A conversation between Piersandra Di Matteo and Tihana Maravić and Tomas Kutinjač, founders and co-curators of the fifth edition of the BLITZ 2017 International Performing Arts Festival in Rovinj, Croatia, in motion from the end of summer to the end of spring (from September to June). (more…)

LIANE~LINEA~ALIEN. Conversation between Giulia Tognon and Dafne Boggeri

18 May 2017

Dafne Boggeri, Hijack Ritual n.6, 2017
photographic print, 30 x 40cm
Image courtesy: Dafne Boggeri


Giulia Tognon in conversation with Dafne Boggeri on the occasion of her new project for Marsèlleria, LIANE~LINEA~ALIEN. The rest of the interview is published here. (more…)