IN THE OPEN SEA: Piersandra Di Matteo in conversation with Tihana Maravić and Tomas Kutinjač

9 June 2017

BLITZ. International Performing Arts Festival in Rovinj, 2017
Photo courtesy: Ognjen Maravic

A conversation between Piersandra Di Matteo and Tihana Maravić and Tomas Kutinjač, founders and co-curators of the fifth edition of the BLITZ 2017 International Performing Arts Festival in Rovinj, Croatia, in motion from the end of summer to the end of spring (from September to June). (more…)

LIANE~LINEA~ALIEN. Conversation between Giulia Tognon and Dafne Boggeri

18 May 2017

Dafne Boggeri, Hijack Ritual n.6, 2017
photographic print, 30 x 40cm
Image courtesy: Dafne Boggeri


Giulia Tognon in conversation with Dafne Boggeri on the occasion of her new project for Marsèlleria, LIANE~LINEA~ALIEN. The rest of the interview is published here. (more…)

Atlas Soccer. A conversation with Marco Mazzoni

28 April 2017

A conversation with artist and performer Marco Mazzoni on his football bilderatlas published by bruno edition.

Marco Mazzoni, Atlas Soccer, bruno edition


Library of Living Books. Conversation with Mette Edvardsen

26 April 2017

Conversation with the Norwegian artist and performer Mette Edvardsen about her library of living and published books Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine, presented at Live Arts Week VI, curated by Xing in Bologna (26-29 April 2017)

Mette Edvardsen, Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine, Sydney Biennal, 2016


Milite Ignote: A conversation with Muna Mussie

15 March 2017

Milite Ignoto by Muna Mussie
Photo by Luca Ghedini


A conversation with Muna Mussie about the performance Milite Ignote presented at S.a.L.E. Docks in Venice, as part of Postcolonia Italia. Memorie, visioni e pratiche contro-narrative. Here Mussie speaks about how her twofold cultural identity – growing up in Italy but with Eritrean orgins – is played out in her performative practices and processes in terms of duality and complicity, intimacy and exposure and negotiation. “The intertwining of history, culture and anthropology, with an emotional sphere in which memory, imagination and the unconscious are re-inscribed in a minimal, symbolic scene,” explains Mussie, underlining the importance of the shift between the micro and macro; and the combining of intimate stories with symbolic images in her work. (more…)

In conversation with Christian Fennesz

23 February 2017

On the occasion of Austrian musician Christian Fennesz and visual artist Lillevan’s live performance of Mahler Remixed in Rome (28 February 2017, Main Hall of the Sapienza, Rome) – a personal reinterpretation of the syphonies of the celebrated composer Gustav Mahler using the sounds of electronic processing and colored abstract visuals that has drawn accolades around the world – NERO presents musicologist Simone Caputo’s interview with Fennesz. (more…)