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Our friend suggested to us to highlight the found raising of the new issue of I want you Magazine on Kickstarter.  There are many good reasons to do it, but mainly it’s a good chance to talk about: I want you – an eclectic magazine featuring a broad range of artists from around the world, exclusive art work, and spotlights on forgotten or overlooked artists, published quarterly in a beautiful, full-color, large format limited print edition, with an expanded online versionKickstarter – one of the most large funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every month, thousands of people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. Take a look and support I want you Magazine here.

Sans titre (Untitled) by Carola Bonfili


Carola Bonfili, for her whole life, has been seeing strange images within ordinary ones, and detecting weird forms in nature or reality. In this simple but intriguing publication, Sans titter (Untitled), from the Blocs/Notepads series designed by Izet Sheshivari for his publishing house Boabooks, Carola cuts an image into several pieces. The jigsaw’s smallest unit is the page, while the book-object becomes a metaphor for the subject it represents: the many-layered geological strata of a photograph of an anonymous rock.


Presentation of the catalogue Cosmogonia: Supernovas of Italian collecting – NERO publishing


Saturday December 18, 2010 – h.12.00 am
Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive
Museo Carandente - Piazza Collicola, 1 – Spoleto

On Saturday December 18, in the frame of “Bachem Natter / Happy Christmas” opening day of the winter exhibition programme at Palazzo Collicola, the catalogue Cosmogonia: Supernovas of Italian collecting – Collezione Sciarretta will be presented. The publication has been released in occasion of the exhibition under the same title, curated by Gianluca Marziani, which will be open until January 7, 2011 at Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive di Spoleto.


RAINFOREST LIVE #05 – Stellar OM Source | Estasy | The Away Team – December 17 at Muzak


Rainforest is a web column of Nero, and also a gathering that happens every once in a while in Rome curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Valerio Mattioli. For each event  a limited edition zine by RAWRAW ed. is released, containing material by the same bands that will perform that night. The third event of Rainforest is onDecember 17, h.22 at Muzak (ex Metaverso), in Via di Monte Testaccio 38, Rome, and will include performances by Stellar OM Source, Estasy and The Away Team and videos by Michele Manfellotto and AAVV.

Magnetic Depths by Stellar OM Source


The Poster Shop by Matthew Marks


Matthew Marks Gallery has installed a sort of Victorian bookshop above one of their galleries on 22nd street. This emporium  of original works of art, rare books, signed catalogues, multiples, vintage rock posters from the 1960′s, and much more will feature many hard-to-find objects. It’s a very last minute thing, but the impetus was that Marks wanted the gallery’s arsenal of collectibles see the light of day. It’s hidden away upstairs with incredible rare books, signed catalogues, signed posters and small works of art.  Most things are under 100 bucks, but nothing is more than $5000.

The Shop’s 2000-square-foot space above the Matthew Marks Gallery in a 19th-century fire station has the offbeat, welcoming feel of an old loft. Visitors are invited to browse items by Robert Adams, Darren Almond, David Armstrong, Nayland Blake, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Katharina Fritsch, Nan Goldin, Andreas Gursky, Roni Horn, Gary Hume, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Mike Kelley, Willem de Kooning, Inez van Lamsweerde, Roy Lichtenstein, Brice Marden, Charles Ray, Ed Ruscha, Sam Taylor-Wood, Richard Serra, Josh Smith, Tony Smith, Terry Winters and others.


Coming Soon by Marinella Senatore


December 16, 2010 – February 16,  2011
Ex Elettrofonica - Vicolo Sant’ Onofrio, 10 – Rome

On December 15, 2010, at 5pm, Marinella Senatore will be at MAXXI for a public conversation, anchored by the curatrix and art critic Laura Barreca.

Ex Elettrofonica presents an exhibition dedicated to Marinella Senatore on December 16, 2010. The artist realized an installation specially thought for this space, besides a selection of unpublished photos taken during her latest public art works.

The exhibition’s title, Coming soon, springs from the connection between Marinella’s works and cinema, but it also suggests the out-and-out reaction process that people have in front of her works. Using videos, photography, installations, the artist wants to recreate an atmosphere that puts the observer in a state of constant expectation, waiting for an event which is still yet to happen: exactly, “coming soon”. Making use of evocative shots, lightings and suspended atmospheres, Senatore shows a trailer of suggestions where figuring out the continuation is up to the audience.