NERO at The Book Affair – June 2, 3 2011 – Venice


2-3 June, 2011
Campiello delle erbe 2003, Campo San Polo, Venice.

NERO is pleased to be part of The Book Affair. In this occasion we will present the new releases All I Remember by Elisabetta Benassi, Rischi Minori by Giulia PiscitelliA Performance Cycle - VV.AA, avere luogo by Nora Schultz and all the books included in our catalogue.

The two days of independent art publishers fair that will take place in Venice on June 2nd and 3rd, in the occasion of the press preview days of the 54th Venice Art Biennal, is organized by Automatic Books, the independent publishing  house run by Tankboys, elena Xausa and Tommaso Speretta. The Book Affair gathers together some of today’s most interesting independent publishing projects, with the aim to open a new public discussion on the book as a mean of research and artistic production. In the last years, we have witnessed the flourishing of independent publishing projects, and seen a network of new editors be born, followed by new types of libraries specialized in this market niche and subsequently by a specialized network of distributors. For this reason, The Book Affair includes a series of public lectures and conferences whose aim is to investigate the reasons why this new editorial nouvelle vague has exploded and which scenarios we ought to expect for its future developments.

More than 40 publishers all over the world will take place to The Book Affair, whose new books released and projects realized will be subjects of daily discussions and presentations. For the detailed list of publishers and program of events, please visit

Music performances rafael rozendaal, Secret Furry Hole, Ottaven and Invernomuto
For further information please visit

Osloo – A Public Place in Venice By FOS


Osloo is a floating pavilion comprising
a Bar, a Daily Event Programme and a Radio Station
31 May – 1 July 2011
Island of San Servolo, Venice, next to the vaperetto stop
Open Daily 2 pm – 10 pm

As a truly public space, Osloo is located outside the designated space of the Danish Pavilion in the Giardini, and is instead located within the urban fabric of the city of Venice, docked at the island of San Servolo. Osloo is an architectonic structure and a social space that comes to life through a range of events and audience encounters. The programme on Osloo aims to break traditional borders between disciplines and explores the possibility of exchanging information in a public space through an aesthetic framework. International artists, musicians and poets will perform alongside researchers, politicians, art historians, and other public figures in order to create a set of alternative social situations and exchanges. Osloo is a remaking of the pavilion Oslo from 1999, which was the first work that put FOS’ artistic concept of ‘Social Design’ into physical form. Osloo is closely aligned to the tradition of relational aesthetics, but takes its starting point in the socio-political context of contemporary society.


Venus in a Shell


May 25 – June 24, 2011
Fluxia Galleryvia ciro menotti, 9 – Milan

Lorenzo Bernet, Juliette Bonneviot, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Yannic Joray

Today, the concept of reconstruction and the limits of technology takes on a guise that is completely superimposable. Certainly, in the same manner as research and evolution, technology never stops. Nevertheless, after the digitisation of memory, data banks continually undergo a constant deterioration process, almost as if the content gradually dissipates into thin air; its solidity vanishes into a two-dimensional space, annihilating itself in nothingness.

Despite the distance of thousands of years, if we wanted to compare the Lascaux cave to the Commodore 64, we would willingly reject the milky-white plastic shell that holds the memory of our recent past.

In a diatribe between the actuality of the ancient and the anachronism of the recentem, we find ourselves chained to a ‘possible’ future identity, which consists of an aesthetic that lies halfway between rendering and the bad taste of spray art.

Therefore, Venus in a Shell is a project that intertwines graphic hyperboles with artistic formats, the kitsch of the 1990s to the technological repercussion of hardware, the three-dimensional sound of a subwoofer with the elegance of Plexiglas.


All I Remember by Elisabetta Benassi – Book Launch


May 23 – 19.00
Book signing at 19.30
Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea – Piazza Mafalda di Savoia – Rivoli

Conceived as an artist’s book as well as a work of art, All I remember, is a collection of 477 backs of photos retrieved from the archives of the most important daily newspapers in the world, collected and photographed by the artist over the last three years. Elisabetta Benassi has selected the most significant photos of the 20th century in a backwards route through personal and collective memories. Each page of the book corresponds to a single photo back characterized by a data sheet with the dates, the photographers’ names and an objective description of that which is represented in the image, as is usually done in image filing systems. The result is an original history of our past, made of written images, of memorable moments of the history of the 20th century visible only through the imagination and the personal memory of the reader.

The book launch is in conjunction with everything is connected 2 – Allora&Calzadilla, Elisabetta Benassi, Goshka Macuga, Anna Maria Maiolino, Katerina Šedá. Curated by Beatrice Merz – May 24 – September 18, 2011 – Castelli di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

Francesca Woodman – Photographs 1977/1981 – Publication


May 23, 2011
Il Museo del Louvre – Via della Reginella, 28 – Rome

Francesca Woodman spent the year 1977-78 in Rome as a Rhode Island School of Design study abroad student. During that period, Giuseppe Casetti and Paolo Missigoi opened Maldoror, a tiny bookshop specialized in XX century avant-garde.

One day, Francesca Woodman came up to the Maldoror and handed a grey cloth box and said, “I’m a photographer. If you want, you can do something with this grey box.” That was how Woodman’s first exhibition in 1978 was organized.

The photographs, letters, postcards, drawings, sketches gathered together in the volume Francesca Woodman – Photographs 1977/1981 published by AGMA, are traces of her life that Francesca left her friends in Rome.

This visual narrative, accompanied by extensive notes and direct witnesses, is the first publication dedicated to the artist’s most productive and inspiring years.


Essential Art


7 May – 25 September 2011
Collezione Maramotti – Via Fratelli Cervi 66 – Reggio Emilia

Essential Art is not a group show, nor a theme show. Its aim is to bring together a pool of artists belonging to the same generation (almost all of them are the same age) who, on the contemporary art scene of the latest ten years, have developed similar poetics, although never creating a common group.

Federico Ferrari (1969) has conceived and articulated its poetics: by creating the definition ‘Essential Art’ he has been trying to point out a shared way of feeling, which, beyond all differences in style, material and compositional procedures, enables us to witness the rise of a new and, at the same time, immemorial attention for the genesis of the artistic gesture, in a radical and essential mood.

Essential Art shows exactly this spoliation of art making, which pushes itself as far as its initial gesture, reaching the very nakedness of the appearing artwork, of the appearing world.