Marianna Christofides Reluctantly Real


April 8 –June 16, 2012

LAVERONICA – Via grimaldi 93, Modica

For her first solo show in Italy, the Cypriot artist Marianna Christofides (b. 1980) will inaugurate “Reluctantly Real” on Saturday, 7 April, at the Galleria La Veronica in the Sicilian town of Modica. The exhibition, curated by Marco Scotini, marks the development of several projects that Christofides presented at the most recent Venice Biennale, where the artist co-represented Cyprus.

You enter an exhibition by Marianna Christofides the way you would enter a cartographic archive of the past or a nineteenth-century Kaiserpanorama. You cross it as if it were a Cabinet Fantastique, something from the pages of Jules Verne, an ethnographic cabinet. Stereographs, frames and display cases, stereoscopes, lantern slides, episcopes, ancient maps and old tour guides, daguerreotypes: everything in her work alludes to the photographic archaeology of the modern age that, still saturated with optical illusions and the mystery of apparition, would irrevocably lead to the end of the concept of aura according to Benjamin, to the transformation of our spatiotemporal coordinates and how we perceive them.


Alice Schivardi Equazione Uno


May 10 -  July 10, 2012

The Gallery Apart – Via di Monserrato, 40 – Rome

Equazione Uno was born out of a series of meetings and of a trust and confidence building process, in order to persuade six people, different by age, gender and personal experiences, to open up doors that have been shut for long and to tell and offer the artist six real-life stories, recorded on a magnetic tape. Dramatic though anonymous stories, which are not meant to provoke the audience, but to raise its awareness on a multiple reaction shot. The artwork allows to listen to each single story or to live them all together as a composite aural and sensory experience, made of words overlapping with the accompanying sounds.

The sound installation that invades the gallery space is made of six loudspeakers connected to as many audio sources sent out from a computer. Each loudspeaker reproduces and spreads a story (each told by the relative telling voice) and a sound (different form the others). The visitor is transported into an anonymous environment, characterized by a diffused buzz, a mix of sounds and words that turns into a relaxing aural experience, a sort of concert of reassuring monotony. (more…)



May 27 -  2012 – h. 18.30

MACRO Testaccio (ex Mattatoio) - Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4- Rome

NERO is pleased to announce the launch of When In Rome exhibition catalogue. When In Rome has been promoted by Provincia di Roma and Depart Foundation and took place in the spaces of the Italian Cultural Institute with the participation of the Hammer Museum and LA><ART in Los Angeles.

The publication has conceived as a long sequence of images with one long text to accompany them. It documents the first-hand experience of a hypothetical viewer as a kind of subjective account. Almost as though it were one big narrative image.

Book Launch of When In Rome exhibition catalogue with Nicola Zingaretti – President Provincia di Roma, Pierpaolo Barzan President – Depart Foundation, Luca Lo Pinto, Valerio Mannucci.

Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrschtmay by Andrea Salvino – Book presentation


May 26, 2012 – h. 8.00 pm

MACRO Testaccio (ex Mattatoio) – Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4- Rome

NERO is pleased to announce the presentation of the artist’s book by Andrea Salvino Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrschtmay at the Rome Contemporary art Fair. The artist will introduce the book and his work in a conversation with the art critic Cristiana Perrella.

Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrscht lies at the center – both conceptually and formally – of a homonymous exhibition realized by the artist at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin – October 26 / January 8, 2011. The volume consists of an extensive collection of historical images, film stills, crime scene photos, pictures of Nazi Germany, erotica, dead bodies, and various random reproductions, which alternate alongside the artist’s own drawings in ballpoint pen, pencil or charcoal.

Nicht Versöhnt Oder Es Hilft Nur Gewalt Wo Gewalt Herrschtmay be regarded as the personal treasure chest of Salvino as collector. The book appears like an imprudent disclosure of the intellectual and visual connections at the basis of the artist’s creative process. (more…)



May 25 – 27, 2012

MACRO Testaccio (ex Mattatoio) - Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4- Rome

Free entry

NERO is pleased to announce  ROMA CONTEMPORARY MUSIC SHOWS, a music program organized on the occasion of the fifth edition of the contemporary art fair of Rome. During the evenings of Friday and Saturday some of the most remarkable Italian and international emerging musicians will perform various live acts and DJ sets. Although different from one another, these artists are all characterized by a common sensibility that crosses experimental music with visual arts. This cross-arts scene has been chosen bearing particular attention to the Italian context, which is indeed very much alive today and also renown overseas, but still almost unknown in its own country.


Henrik Olai Kaarstein Turning and Returning


May 23 – July 14, 2012

T293 – Via dei Leutari 32, Rome

Henrik Olai Kaarstein spent the summer cleaning two different dead women’s houses, putting stuff in huge containers parked in the driveway. The dreadful work was made bearable for him by virtue of the beautiful objects he discovered in each home. He was mostly drawn to the fabrics, towels, bed sheets, carpets and tablecloths in bleached pastel colors and flower prints. Some were traditional Norwegian quilts from the late 1800s, some post-war mail order and other modern day IKEA. (more…)