June 4 – 23, 2012

Family Business – 520 West 21st StreetNew York

A project by Alice Conconi and Elena Tavecchia

David Adamo, Henning Bohl, Becket Bowes, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Matt Connors, Andy Coolquitt, Luca De Leva, Alex Philip Fitzgerald, Christian Frosi, Raphael Hefti, Tom Holmes, Zak Kitnick, Jorge Peris, Jory Rabinovitz, Chadwick Rantanen, Andra Ursuta, Mauro Vignando


NERO presentation at PrintRoom – Rotterdam


June 30 2012 – h.7.00 – 10.00 pm

PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

This saturday NERO will be hosted by PrintRoom in Rotterdam. We will talk about our publishing activity from the beginning till now and about the other works that we make as cultural promotors in Italy.

PrintRoom is a presentation space and shop dedicated to artists’ publications based in Rotterdam. Operating as an independent platform for artists, designers and small publishers from all over the globe we explore and present the various positions possible within the field of artists’ publications. We follow new developments, discuss, collect and invite people for talks and presentations. All this we share with a broad audience. PrintRoom started out in 2003 as a travelling and growing collection of artists’ publications. It has now a home base from which it will keep on travelling and meet new audiences and contributors. The collection comprises of various material: from lusciously designed, full colour publications to simply photocopied zines, but all is tied by the fact that publishing is used as an art strategy, autonomously and artistically. (more…)

Jan Vercruysse Works 1990-2011

June 21 – August 3, 2012

Gladstone Gallery – 515 WEst 24th Street, New York

The exhibition encompasses a selection of Vercruysse’s work created between 1990 and 2011 and is the artist’s first show in New York since 2009. Vercruysse began his career as a poet, and though in 1974 he shifted his practice to focus on the visual arts, poetry and the presence of language remain a central influence on his work. This exhibition as an homage to Vercruysse’s distinguished oeuvre. Featuring a selection of sculptures from each of Vercruysse’s distinct bodies of work from the last two decades, the exhibition comprises a unique glimpse into the artist’s continually unfolding logic and his meditations on recurring themes. The show features sculptures from the TOMBEAUX, M(M), Les Paroles, and PLACES series, which explore memory, monuments, and loss. (more…)

Christoph Meier Greenpisellivideosculpture


June 22 – September 30, 2102

galleria collicaligreggi -Via Oliveto Scammacca, 2A, Catania

Christoph Meier stages a new project entitled greenpisellivideosculpture. The Austrian artist, like on previous occasions, presents a selection of works displayed in the past (in this case, at the prestigious Secession Hall in Vienna), combining them with a new series of coloured sculptures, testifying to his recent interest in the pictorial and graphic aspects of sculpture. The sculptures are painted heavy-handedly, their texture unrefined. A ‘crunchy’ kind of painting, as he himself defines it, yet one which highlights the sculptural quality of the objects by virtue of their very materiality. Here he uses a simple method, the same for all of them: the objects are bunched together and painted, so as to influence each other reciprocally.

Thus a deliberately precarious and humble process which still highlights a knowingly critical position, as well as a personal need to measure up to one’s own era, both from an aesthetic and an ethical point of view. Infact, in  the face of an  arid  society and  a knowledge which may be easily accessed at low cost via internet, Meier presents a direct and simple form of art, in which the artist’s identity is more akin to that of those who practise art as a hobby rather than those for whom it is a noble and costly undertaking, labouring under the pretence of being intelligent. Rather than sporting his technical or intellectual prowess, he prefers to hide it away and pretend not to be interested, aware that an attitude which is apparently more ‘superficial’ and ‘crunchy’ may in fact be more effective  and  communicative.  This  is  a  position  which  expresses  an  urgent  and widespread feeling, calling for a greater presence of art in everyday life. (more…)



June 27 – September 9, 2012

MACRO Testaccio -  piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4, Pavilions A and B – Rome

Re-generation is a large group exhibition that brings together more than 50 artists of different generations in an attempt to capture the state of contemporary art in Rome, presenting the public with some of the most interesting research and experimentation.

In recent years, Rome has experienced a cultural renewal thanks to both the opening of new museums, galleries and foundations, and the presence of artists, critics and curators who contribute to the city’s artistic production, research and experimentation, putting the city back into the center of the international cultural scene. The exhibition – housed in the two pavilions and the outside spaces of MACRO Testaccio intends to highlight this vitality by presenting videos, installations, photographs and performance, selecting some of the most significant artists living and working in Rome or who have chosen the city as an important stop in their careers. International artists will also be on display, as the fellows from the academies or foreigners cultural institutions. (more…)

Hanna Liden Ghost Stories


June 8 – July 20, 2012

WORKSHOP – Dorsoduro, 2793/a 30123 Venezia

Try never sleeping and always moving: it deletes thought. Images mark time like pins on a map: tangled, drifting links in a chain. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m passing through walls or they’re passing through me. Passed over, passed out: a body buried under the sidewalk, memory corroded and threaded dully along, dug up and packed away in a cement knapsack. A cold case. A thud of recognition in a heart cut out and stained deep black. I’d prefer not to remember anyway.’

Kayla Liden’s sculptures and photographs explore what people have left behind, human debris in all its forms, giving what remains an unnatural permanence through resin and paint. Cans, jackets, shoes and trash bags are manipulated, solidified and displayed as a memorial to all yesterday’s parties, giving the viewer a distorted insight into what has been before without naming names. Liden is interested in the movement of people, she has herself transplanted several times before settling on and in New York, and Ghost Stories is a work of displacement, this time transporting New York’s debris half way around the world to a 15th century building in Venice, telling (ghost) stories to new folks about old folks who were never even there. (more…)