Kirsten Pieroth Taste of Great


June 28 – July 31,  2012

Galleria Franco Noero – Piazza Santa Giulia, 0/F – Torino

The show takes its inspiration from a series of highly decorated eggs, known as the Imperial eggs, that were produced for the Russian tsar from 1885 until the fall of the Russian monarchy in 1917. Crafted by  Russian  goldsmith  Peter  Carl  Fabergé  and  his  workshops,  these  eggs  commemorated  and worshipped the history of the Russian empire as well as technological achievements of the time, such as  the  Trans-Siberian  Railway.  Inverting  the  clichés  of  highly  refined  craftmanship,  overwhelming luxury and perfection with which the House of Fabergé became synonymous, Pieroth handcrafts contemporary versions of „commemorative“ eggs. These combine a lack of symmetry, the use of poor materials such as earth and dirt, with sculptural renderings on the triviality of everyday life and the promises of the merits of modern day achievements. They can be seen as hommages to the modern day amateur, who finds himself caught in the workings of capitalist societies. (more…)

Solidarity Action #5: Fluo Night – Congresso dei Disegnatori – Closing Event


Thursday, 19th July from 8.30pm to 0.30am

ESC ATELIER - Via dei Volsci, 159

Closing event with Pawel Althamer

free entry

Thursday 19th of July from 8.30pm to 0.30am, in the frame of il Congresso dei Disegnatori, the Swiss Institute in Rome presents the Fluo Night. The venue of the Congresso dei Disegnatori in via dei Volsci 159 will be lit by UV lamps and artists, illustrators and the public are invited to paint on the walls of the Congress using fluorescent colors: the participants will have the opportunity to enter into dialogue with the existing designs using a new layer that will be added to those accumulated during these two months.

During the evening the atmosphere will be amplified by the musical selections of artists and designers until closing. The expanded and rarefied soundtrack will allow to extend the prospective suggested during the evening, as well as enhance the contemplative and cooperative state of drawing.

The Fluo Night will celebrate the closing of the Draftman Congress. From this last meeting the walls collectively painted during these two months at the Swiss Institute in Rome will be divided into pieces of various formats and distributed for free.

Music selection by:

Massimiliano Bomba

Emiliano Maggi

Michele Manfellotto

Matteo Nasini

Mladen Miljanovic Good Night – State of Body


July 31 – August 15, 2012

A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Centre – San Marco – Venice

Venice (Italy), July 31 – August 15 2012

Opening: Tuesday July 31 at 7 pm

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 -14  and 15– 18

After the New Museum in New York and the Mumok Museum in Vienna, Bosnian artist Mladen Miljanovic comes to Venice for his first Italian solo exhibition Good Night – State of Body at A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Centre. The exhibition will be presented next autumn in Regensburg and New York.

Mladen Miljanovic is one of the most interesting contemporary artists in the East European art scene. He was in fact chosen by Massimiliano Gioni for his triennial Younger than Jesus held at the New Museum in New York in 2009. (more…)



June 9 – July 21, 2012

Stephen Friedman Gallery – 25/28 Old Burlington Street W1S 3AN – London

Shapeshift brings together the work of four contemporary artists: Sarah Braman, Iran do Espírito Santo, Jim Hodges and Erin Shirreff. Although diverse in their formal undertakings, these four artists are united in the subtle, powerful and poetic ways in which they handle their chosen materials.

The power of transformation – or, the very point at which one entity shifts its mode of existence and becomes another – is the underlying theme in this exhibition. Whether this be transforming one’s perception in Espírito Santo’s all-engulfing wall drawings, or even transforming one’s image in Hodge’s mosaic mirrors, each of the artists shown here uses this powerful skill to tantalizing effect. (more…)

Wilfredo Prieto Equilibrando la curva


June 22 – September 2, 2012

HangarBicocca - Via Privata Chiese, 2 20126 – Milano

Equilibrando la curva is an exhibition by the Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto (b. 1978, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba; lives in Havana and New York), one of the most fascinating artists to emerge on the international contemporary art scene in the past decade. Composed of works and installations with surprising visual immediacy, most of which created specifically for the spaces at HangarBicocca, this important solo show, curated by Andrea Lissoni, reveals a disorienting and visionary world that beckons the viewer to ponder contemporary society and its major issues: the economy, politics, the environment. (more…)

Tracey Emin She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea


May 26 – September 23, 2012

Turner ContemporaryThe Rendezvous, Margate CT9 1HG – Kent

She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea: Tracey Emin at Turner Contemporary is conceived specially for Margate, where Emin grew up and which has provided inspiration for many of her most famous art works. The exhibition is part of the London 2012 Festival, a 12-week nationwide celebration running from 21 June until 9 September 2012 bringing together leading artists from across the world with the very best from the UK.

The exhibition explores the themes of love, sex and eroticism in Emin’s oeuvre. It features new works, including drawings, monoprints, sculptures, tapestries, embroideries and neons installed throughout Turner Contemporary’s suite of first-floor galleries. (more…)