June 26 – July 29 – 2012

Jonathan Viner – 17a Adam’s Row – London

To deliquesce is to transition between solid and liquid states. This exhibition considers dissolution and loss of physicality, presenting five artists whose practices’ explore malleable states of image, body and material. Deliquesce looks at the space between a world of solid objects and bodies and a more diffuse and amorphous world of liquidity, fantasy and pixels, thereby considering how our understanding of the physical has been altered by the dominant influence of the virtual world we increasingly inhabit. (more…)

Shahin Afrassiabi – Theory of Life


July 13 – August 11 – 2012

MotinternationalFirst Floor, 72 New Bond Street,London

In his exhibition Theory of Life Afrassiabi presents a series of essentially modest constructions accompanied by a single photograph of a woman taken from Google Earth digital imaging software.

The constructions are a design variation on his recent Snow White (2011) series, Snow White being the brand name of basic manufactured white card, while simultaneously alluding to an iconic woman with haunting features: skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.

Afrassiabi investigates the barest components required to form an extension of a wall, a plane and a frame to hold that plane. The objects, spray coated in white emulsion, merge into the gallery walls, presenting themselves as extrapolations of the plywood structure of the wall itself while indicating the relationship between modern painting and architecture. In referring to what is behind the wall, that which the work is a part of, Afrassiabi reveals how his understanding of abstract painting emerges through architecture and vice versa, how modern painting styles, such as futurism, de stijl and purism, gave form to modern architecture.

Although a system is expressed in this series of works, it remains open and permeable, maintaining the dynamics and adventure of the studio. A vocabulary and a syntax is made available but it persists in a vivacious  and raw condition that allows signification to emerge in endless variations. Perhaps this is the expectation of architecture at its most progressive as opposed to a symbolic methodology content with managing and administering familiar metaphors of space and tropes of function. (more…)

Barbara Kasten and Justin Beal Constructs, Abrasions, Melons and Cucumbers


June  21 – August 3 – 2012

Bortolami – 520 w 20th Street, New York

The exhibition aims to underline the artists’ contrasting ways of “mis”-leading the audience’s first reading of their work. Though forty-two years apart in age, both artists are interested in challenging the potential of their chosen mediums; Kasten presents complex sculpture as photography; Beal incorporates architectural elements into sculptural works, as well as transforming natural objects into humorous constructs.

Throughout her career Kasten has continually pioneered experiments in photography and will exhibit works spanning from 1975 to 2012. In her cyanotypes from 1975 entitled Photogenic Paintings, Kasten folds and crumples screens onto painted paper and exposes them to light, creating an intricate imprint of the textured items. In her Constructs and Studio Constructs series, she photographs assemblages that she has meticulously arranged in her studio, which often includes glass, mirrors, screens, and metal displayed in various stages of lighting. The resulting images resemble Post- Modern Constructivist Art rejecting the documentary nature of photography and creating an illusion of three-dimensional space. (more…)