Alfred Boman – Shadow of the Colossus

September  20 -  November  3,  2012
fluxia – via giovanni ventura 6 – Milan

In Shadow of the Colossus the artist presents a new series of abstract paintings on wood and canvas, together with two iron sculptures and outdoor installations conceived for the  Fluxia gallery’ s  terraces. The  rise  of  digital  and  virtual  imaging  had  high  impact  on  our  relation  to  images  and  image-making, af fecting our perceptive and cognitive mechanisms of meaning attribution. As a result, the boundary between what is recognized as true or false, actual or fictitious, real or virtual is an incredibly fluid and flexible matter.
Alfred  Boman’ s  practice  draw  a  reflection  on  the  actual  limits  and  possibili ties  for  painting on  the  edge  of  these  paradoxes. The  canvases  are  created  through  a  process  of  layering,  each   level  of  composition serving both as a mask and a revelator. An abstract, magmatic background is the starting point on which a new level is developed, simultaneously hiding and re-shaping the former one  in  a  constant  and  mutual  delimitation. Framing is conceived as a fundamental aspect of any composition, while meaning remains a  partial,  ephemeral  facet  of  the  overlapping  process. (more…)

David Maljkovic – A Long Day for the Form

September 18 –  November 10, 2012
T293 Rome – Via Giovanni Mario Crescimbeni 11, Rome

A Long Day for the Form focuses on David Maljkovic´s conceptual practice of restaging and re- presenting existing objects or displays that has already been thoroughly explored in shows at Sprueth Magers, Berlin, Kunsthalle, Basel, Sculpture Centre, New York and Secession, Vienna. Enigmatic traces, missing artworks and small interventions such as sound and light reveal themselves to the viewer from other contexts and contents.
The exhibition brings together three different groups of works in which the presence of emptied forms, frames, and structures enhances the absence of what would be expected to normally be there to be looked at, and shifts the stress from the artwork to the lack of it, from the exhibition to the act of exhibiting itself.
Engaging with the gallery space through a play of subtraction and removal, Maljkovic’s interventions are made up of lights, sounds, and architectural compositions which seem to create a frame for other potentially endless exhibitions. A 16 mm projection of an invisible moving image, an imposing installation from which only the sound of chirping crickets is let out to be heard, and captions of disappeared Vjenceslav Richter’s artworks construct a time and a place that could be here and wherever, now and whenever. (more…)

NERO at the New York Art Book Fair


September 28–30, 2012
Preview: Thursday, September 27, 6–9 pm
MoMA PS1 – Booth Q26 / 2nd floor

NERO is delighted to be part of the upcoming New York Art Book Fair. On that occasion NERO will present new artists’ books and recent publications. We invite all of you to join us at our booth Q26, 2nd floor and at our party on friday night.

Free and open to the public, the NY Art Book Fair is the world’s premier event for artists’ books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines presented by 283 international presses, booksellers, antiquarians, artists, and independent publishers from twenty-six countries.

NERO party

Friday, September 28
162 -164 Avenue B, New York
(btwn Avenue B and E10th St)

from 10:00pm to 4:00 am
Free entry

VISIO – European Workshop on Artists’ Cinema

November 21-25, 2012
VISIO – Via Giovan Battista Niccolini 3/E , Florence

VISIO is a new project developed within the frame of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival, one of the most interesting art festival devoted to the use of film in contemporary art. VISIO consists of a series of seminars and meetings dedicated to expanding the vision and themes of artists who use cinema in their practice, and intends to favour the development of a European network of young artists and professionals who work with moving images, promoting encounters and international mobility.
The Workshop will be held in Florence, during the 5th  Edition of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival (21-25 November 2012). The participants will be 15 young Italian and European artists who work with moving images; they will be selected with an open call, in collaboration with some of the most important European Art Academies and Schools. The Selection Committee is composed of Leonardo Bigazzi, project curator VISIO, Silvia Lucchesi, director Lo Schermo dell’Arte and Heinz Peter Schwerfel, director Kino der Kunst.
Two participants of the Workshop will be selected for the Young Talent Award organized by the Kino der Kunst Festival in Munich, Germany (24-28 April 2013). These artists will have the opportunity to present one of their projects to an international jury who will award a prize of 10,000 euro of equipment provided by ARRI, the most important producer and distributor of cinematographic equipment in the world. (more…)

A House of Leaves – Movement 1

21 September  – 23 February, 2013
David Roberts Art Foundation – Symes Mews, London

“A work of art encountered as a work of art is an experience, not a statement or an answer to a question. Art is not only about something; it is something. A work of art is a thing in the world, not just a text or commentary on the world… [Artworks] present information and evaluations. But their distinctive feature is that they give rise not to conceptual knowledge […] but to something like an excitation, a phenomenon of commitment, judgment in a state of thralldom or captivation. Which is to say that the knowledge we gain through art is an experience of the form or style of knowing something, rather than knowledge of something […] in itself.” Susan Sontag
“The value changes in a room when one picture is moved: it’s like the way a dinner party changes according to the guests” Walter Hopps
“(…) Make a heavy institution levitate, make it dance. (…) We have ideas we need to animate.” Paul Holdengräber

Using as a starting point key pieces from the collection by Louise Bourgeois, Gerhard Richter and Pierre Huyghe, A HOUSE OF LEAVES is conceived as a symphony and structured in three movements and an epilogue. With Louise Bourgeois’s ECHO VIII, 2007, the First Movement will explore hybrid forms, memory and fragmented figures. Inspired by Gerhard Richter’s Fuji, 1996, the Second Movement will enquire abstraction and minimalism. From Pierre Huyghe’s Silent Score,
1997, the Third Movement will explore conceptual art and performance. Lastly, the Epilogue will be a movement towards the void, emptying the exhibition space to explore the architecture and the volume, revealing semi-permanent works and interventions in the building. A HOUSE OF LEAVES is an exhibition imagined as an experience of time: the exhibition will change constantly, the experience will never be the same, with works being replaced by others to gradually alter the general context and naturally evolve from one movement to the next. (more…)

Un altro tempo. Tra Decadentismo e Modern style


September 22 – January 13, 2013

Mart - Corso Bettini, 43 – Rovereto

Try a little to imagine the following situation: Virginia Woolf embroidering the back of a seat with some stitch or other, copying a design by Duncan Grant while her sister, Vanessa Bell, draws the cover for The Waves for her, and, between one Blast and another, Percy Wyndham Lewis paints the portrait of Edith Sitwell, photographed with her brothers by Cecil Beaton. The three Sitwells have the Villa di Montegufoni frescoed by Gino Severini; after which all drop down on their knees to rummage around the left-over balls of wool to make socks to send Alec Guinness at the Front. (more…)