NO FLOOR – Distrattenzione by Lorenzo Bernet


Distrattenzione is a performance in two parts that will be streamed over the website at 16.50pm on October 22 and on October 26 at 16.20pm. The artist is attending a weekly concentration training where he is watching nature documentaries while wearing an infrared sensor headband.

October  26, 16.20 (CEST)

Nicole Wermers – Food in Space

Installation view

Exploring how methods of display and presentation affect our understanding and experience of space, Nicole Wermers’ work investigates the legacy of modernism and the aesthetics of consumption in contemporary visual culture. Through sculpture, photography and collage, Wermers recontextualizes and reimagines modernist forms in ways that frame, contain, and transform the spaces in which they are installed. (more…)

CHELSEA SOUND: A Not-For-Profit Festival of Experimental Sound


Chelsea non-profit organizations Printed Matter, Eyebeam, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), and Family Business announce the first edition of a new annual artists’ music festival: Chelsea Sound. Organized jointly by the four non-profits, Chelsea Sound will be a day-long event devoted to music in contemporary art – artists who make work with sound and musicians who draw inspiration from art. (more…)



Installation view


Re-Opening” is also meant as our personal, artistic statement. It brings together some 25 young, emerging and established artists from the Deweer Gallery’s programme and from the international scene. The artists who haven’t been shown at Deweer Gallery so far – most of them haven’t even been shown in Belgium, are simply people we’ve discovered in recent years and who’s work fascinates us endlessly. (more…)

Marta Mancini – Abita


Marta Mancini, S.t. (“L’isola”), 2012, acrylic on canvas, 40×50 cm

The exhibition will display a series of paintings of recent realization, executed through the technique of acrylic  on canvas, all medium-sized except a big-format one that will be exhibited in the project room of the gallery. As Pericle Guaglianone writes: “Marta Mancini visions-insterventions portray environmental situations with a cinematic, out of time trait, in which a “folk-tronic” idea of re-writing takes shape  in exquisitely pictorial terms”. (more…)

Francis Bacon and the Existential Condition in Contemporary Art


Annegret Soltau, Verbindungen, 1976


Francis Bacon and the Existential Condition in Contemporary Art, an exhibition co-curated by Franziska Nori (Director of the CCC Strozzina) and Barbara Dawson (Director of the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane), will be presenting work by contemporary artists who exam today’s existential state of societal mind. Their work explores the kind of questions man asks himself in his relationship with his own interior being, his body and the outside world. (more…)