Thomas Kratz – Lick Gin

<em>Thomas Kratz</em>, LICK GIN, installation view

Thomas Kratz, LICK GIN, installation view


In his first solo show in Italy, German artist Thomas Kratz presents “Lick Gin (Situations),” an exhibition consisting of seven new paintings and reliefs, three sculptural works, and a gallery intervention in the form of painted ceiling and walls. (more…)

Rhizome – The Promised Garden

29 May 2013

Rizhome, Photo by Rachele Maistrello

Rizhome, Photo by Rachele Maistrello


This is an ongoing and fluid blog-post, continually updated and edited. The post collates texts, notes, reprints, interviews, photographs, drawings and recordings produced by NERO.

Rhizome is a collateral project of critique focused on hidden and inner visions, inspired by Claudio Rocchetti’s The Promised Garden. (more…)

NERO in Venice


The Volume of Air

The Volume of Air is a performance-based event that brings together a heterogeneous group of contemporary artists in the fascinating and unique setting of the ‘Serra dei Giardini’ in Venice. (more…)

Gervasuti Foundation’s program for the 55th Venice Biennal

Collaboration, fresh perspectives, engagement with the local community, and the preservation of local memory are what fuels us.”  Fiona Biggiero, Artistic Director

Gervasuti Foundation’s mission is focused on an innovative experimental  Preservation-Through-Change Project, which aims to be both local and international: preserving the uniquely inventive and rich cultural traditions of Venetian history through the promotion and production of interdisciplinary contemporary art practice. (more…)

Draftsmen’s Fest #4 – Linus Bill & Adrien Horni feat. Lorenzo Senni


The fourth and last appointment in Milan of the Draftsmen’s Fest completes the musical program that began on 28 March, with a new display and live set by the visual artists Linus Bill & Adrien Horni and the sound artist Lorenzo Senni. (more…)