Poesia Carnosa

On Saturday June 2013, Forte Fanfulla will host the annual fresh poetry Festival Poesia Carnosa. Poesia Carnosa originates on the aesthetic discourse already unveiled by the Futurists and Dadaists,  mixing video, sound, and performance. The Festival brings poetry to merge itself in different disciplines of entertainment, involving the sensorial experience and the active participation of the public. (more…)

Second Draftsmen’s Congress Closing Event – Fluo Night

On Friday 28 June, the Second Draftsmen’s Congress will be illuminated by UV lamps, and visitors will be encouraged to paint on the walls using fluo colors: all the participants will have a chance to dialogue with the existing drawings through a new level, added to those accumlated over the last few weeks. The evening will be enhanced by the musical selections of Draftsmen’s Fest#6. (more…)

Substance – Antoine Levi

<em>Installation views</em> and details at the group exhibition "Substance", Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris, 2013  Photo Yann Revol

Installation views and details at the group exhibition “Substance”, Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris, 2013 Photo Yann Revol


Substance is a survey around the materials and their qualities of fluidity and malleability. The six invited artists present
works that have in common a formal approach dealing with the immaterial and transcendent dimension of the creative
process, without however omitting the formalizing properties from the used materials for the creation of their works. (more…)

Peres Projects – Brent Wadden

<em>Brenton Wadden</em>, Alignment # 14, 2013

Brenton Wadden, Alignment # 14, 2013


Peres Projects is pleased to present the first solo show of Brent Wadden. Brent Wadden is part of a group of young artists that have gone against the grain of their own generation and have decided to take their time to make things themselves, in effect rejecting contemporary society’s general state of impatience. (more…)


26 June 2013

Until the 18th of August, at the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva you can see the first retrospective of a well-known, albeit underrated, Italian artist: Gianni Piacentino.

With the exception of a brief stint in New York, Piacentino never left Turin, the place where he grew up, and where he developed his great passions/obsessions: engines, speed, technology, decoration, design. To this day, at the age of 67, every saturday he tries to beat his own speed record on his motorbike, riding at more than 240 km/h on the very same road. (more…)

The Unicorn and the Dragon – Fondazione Querini Stampalia

<em>Qiu Zhijie</em> - The Unicorn and the Dragon -photo: Agostino Osio

Qiu Zhijie – The Unicorn and the Dragon -photo: Agostino Osio


Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie, chief curator of the last edition of the Shanghai Biennale, will present at the Querini Stampalia Foundation a selection of new works on the occasion of his first solo exhibition in Italy during the 55th edition of the Venice Art Biennale. (more…)