Meessen De Clercq – Alek O., Nicolas Lamas, Livien De Boeck

Alek O., View of the artist's studio, 2013

Alek O., View of the artist’s studio, 2013


Starting November 8th, the gallery Meessen De Clercq is pleased to present the three solo shows of Nicolas Lamas, Alek O. and Lieven De Boeck.  (more…)

Urs Lüthi, Agne Raceviciute – Viafarini DOCVA


A tight inter-generational dialog, full of filiations, equivalences and isomorphisms. A biunivocal relation, a level playing field, a diagram of transits and permanences. The two-person show of Urs Lüthi (1947, Kriens, Switzerland) and Agne Raceviciute (1988, Klaipeda, Lituania) retraces the relationship of mutual respect between an emerging Lithuanian artist and one of the most important references of her work. (more…)

Gavin Turk – Vanacular

<em>Gavin Turk</em>, Gervasuti Foundation

Gavin Turk, Gervasuti Foundation



On the occasion of the 55th Venice Biennale, the Gervasuti Foundation is proud to present Vanacular, a site-specific project by British artist Gavin Turk. This installation is comprised of a selection of works based on the artist’s ongoing Transit Disaster series. The title is a pun on ‘van’ and ‘vernacular’, a metaphor implying the social connotations that the iconic white Ford van of the ‘90s represents in British society and a paradoxical play on the Venetian urban context, a city without roads. Vanacular reconfigures a language of identity between that which is considered an accident of fate and that which is invested with intent, both in art and in life. (more…)

Terna Prize 05 – To Be or Not to Be. With Others

To Be or Not to Be. With Others. The Regola d’Arte Social Network, the 2013 special edition of the Terna Prize – which in past years has seen the participation of over 9 thousand artists from all over Italy and abroad – is dedicated to the relationship between humans and solidarity. It is based on a dynamic structure, in keeping with the ongoing evolution of the contemporary art scene: the competition is open to adult artists of all nationalities who work in Italy. The artworks can be: installations, paintings, sculptures, photographs, light-boxes and videoart. The deadline for submissions is the 14th of November. (more…)

Meeting Architecture: Architecture and the Creative Process – British School at Rome

Martin Mörck, illustration, Nagelhaus, Project for Escher-Wyss-Platz, Zurich by Thomas Demand and Caruso St. John
© Martin Mörck, Copenhagen


Meeting Architecture, the British School at Rome’s new programme, curated by Marina Engel, will run for the next few years. It will consist of lectures, studyexhibitions and performances by some of the leading figures in architecture, art, film and sound and will analyse the nature of collaboration between architecture and some of the other creative processes. This programme is in partnership with the Royal College of Art who will also host the lectures in London. (more…)

New Works – Sprovieri


<em>Seb Patane</em>, are we brothers in arms in brothers we are, 2013

Seb Patane, are we brothers in arms in brothers we are, 2013


Sprovieri is delighted to present new sculptural works created specifically for this exhibition by Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Micol Assaël, Gabriele De Santis, Seb Patane, Jorge Peris, Pietro Roccasalva and Marinella Senatore. (more…)