SECONDO STILE – Riccardo Previdi


Since II STILE is canvas based, it needs to be shown in a space like any other painting. The third installment of II STILE is shown in public space, on the street, applied on a billboard.
As an alternative to the exhibition space, the street itself represents something utopian; a place of direct interaction with a broad public, free from the restrictions and limitations of the art institution and the white cube. Instead of bringing the paintings of the streets into the exhibition space on a canvas, II STILE brings the exhibition space on a canvas out on the street. It utilizes an existing display structure (the billboard) to squat a public space with an imaginary private apartment in which an exhibition by Riccardo Previdi is shown. I find it a refreshing take on the relation between painting and public space. (more…)

The Church of The Unconnected – LEVEL FIVE: INTERNS OF THE INTERNET

29 November 2013

Miltos Manetas, Looking at the Blackberry, 2013, Oil on Canvas, 200x300cm, Rome, Italy.


The interns of the Internet Pavilion are not basic invigilators. They are connectors. Human devices for knowledge and communication. Sensitive and active search engines. They are interns 2.0. Interns of the internet, like all of us, the connected! Maybe even more so.  (more…)

Landscape – Q&A with Zhang Enli

Villa Croce Museum presents Landscape, the first italian exhibition of Zhang Enli (1965) conceived and realized specifically for the museum’s rooms. Opening at the same time as the space Painting project at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the exhibition subtly blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.


Chiara Fumai – A Palazzo Gallery

Chiara Fumai Zalumma Agra legge Valerie Solanas (Zalumma Agra reads Valerie Solanas), 2013 C-print courtesy APalazzo Gallery

Chiara Fumai Zalumma Agra legge Valerie Solanas (Zalumma Agra reads Valerie Solanas), 2013 C-print courtesy APalazzo Gallery


Palazzo Gallery is glad to present Chiara Fumai first solo show With Love from $inister, on view from December 14. We publish below a preview of some of the artworks that will be on display and the text written by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.


Antivegetativa – Q&A with Davide D’Elia

On Friday November 29th at 6:30 pm, the opening of the exhibition ANTIVEGETATIVA by Davide D’Elia will be held at the Galleria Ex Elettrofonica. (more…)

Chromophobia – ABC Arte Bologna Cultura

Friday 29th of November 2013 Chromophobia the much anticipated solo exhibit of artist Ryan Mendoza opens in the new showcase of ABC in Via Farini 30 in Bologna, Italy. For the opening of the show, ideated and promoted by ABC with assistance from the Patrocinio of Emilia Romagna, Genus Bononiae and CNA, Mendoza will present some 15 paintings from his recent work. (more…)