Sam Falls – T293

T293 presents an exhibition of Sam Falls in Rome, which began in December 2013 and will run till February 15, 2014. Below is a detailed description of the show written by the artist himself…  (more…)

Raime & Powell – Codalunga

Codalunga is pleased to announce the Inaugural event of its Winter / Spnng 2014. Friday, January 24th, the Grand Opening celebration for the renewal and expansion of the historic headquarters in Via Martin 16/1 8/20 at Vittorio Veneto, will be conducted by the sounds of two special guests: (more…)

Andra Ursuta & Giorgio Andreotta Calò – Peep-Hole

On Wednesday, January 29th, Peep-Hole will present two personal shows: Fartchitectures by Andra Ursuta (Salonta, Romania, 1979) and Level by Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venezia, 1979).


Stay in Love – Curated by Chris Sharp

Stay in Love is an exhibition about monomania and manual repetition. Bringing together a heterogeneous group of historical, established and emerging artists, this show elegiacally explores the classical, paradox-laden trope of manual repetition and devotion to a single subject in the 21st century. True to the obsolescent nature of its theme, Stay in Love deliberately limits itself to a manual and analogue processes of repetition. (more…)

Interview with Mike Watson – The Gallery Apart

We are pleased to present an interview with Mike Watson, curator of Subterfuge, an exhibit at The Gallery Apart which presents Watson’s ongoing research for the Joan of Art project. (more…)

Rosa Titanica – Gasconade’s dépendance in Rome

Last days of Rosa Titanica at gasconade’s guest in Rome. The exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions and events hosted by guest, gasconade’s branch in Rome. guest is located in a private apartment, within the Prati neighborhood.  (more…)