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Installation view


The last chapter of To continue. Notes towards a Sculpture Cycle will be open until July 25th comprises a core group of works from the Nomas Foundation collection in a project meant to address issues of scale. (more…)

Trouble Academy

NERO is glad to present Trouble Academy, the book that documents the work of After Howl, the Master Studio in sculptural practice at ERG, École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels, through a visual collection of different materials such as photographs, notes and miscellaneous prints. (more…)

Oggetti Traditi

NERO is glad to present Oggetti traditi, the catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition by Davide Stucchi, which accompanies the project developed during his period of residence between Roma and Paris, within the programme 6ARTISTA. The book is a collection of poems written by some non-poets, people that he met during his period of residence in February 2014. (more…)


NERO is glad to present HOT, the catalogue published in conjunction with Capping, the installation presented by Helena Hladilová as the result of her period of residence within the programme 6ARTISTA. (more…)

If I Was John Armleder (What a curator is not supposed to do)

NERO is glad to present If I Was John Armleder, the book published on the occasion of the second edition of artgenéve 31/1-3/2/2013. The project, curated by Luca Cerizza, is a tribute to the Swiss artist and curator John Armleder, a celebration of the art of his mixing and mashing-up. (more…)

Draft Score For an Exhibition

NERO is glad to present Draft Score for an Exhibition, the book that documents an oral presentation given by Pierre Bal-Blanc to a jury of professionals in 2010, as part of his application to curate the 7th Berlin Biennale. Devised as an exhibition in several acts, the session adheres to the rules of a score performed by its author or by a third party. (more…)