POESIA CARNOSA “E Edition” – Sound Poetry Minifestival

On Tuesday 7 November, 2014 the sound poetry minifestival Poesia Carnosa will take place at 30 Formiche in Rome. This innovative, annual event was born in 2010 in Pigneto thanks to the curators and sound duo Jonida Prifti, poet of Albanian origin, and Stefano Di Trapani, Italian musician, also known as, Acchiappashpirt. On this occasion, the experiences of the avant-garde and neo-avanguardia will re-find themselves in an amalgam of poetic suggestions and abnormal music. (more…)

Luana Perilli – The Gallery Apart

Hanging Lava, 2014, glazed ceramics, kokedama monstera, macramè, environmental dimensions, photo by Giorgio Benni, courtesy The Gallery Apart, Rome


On September 23rd, 2014, The Gallery Apart opened its new 2014/2015 season with the exhibition Solitary Shelters, the third solo show by Luana Perilli hosted in their gallery. Although the artist’s exploration, this time focused on the relationships between nature and culture, or rather (more…)

Nico Vascellari – MONITOR

Opening this evening, October 30th from 7-9pm, is Nico Vascellari‘s new show Codalunga at MONITOR gallery in Rome. The first collaboration between Nico Vascellari and MONITOR took place in 2005, with a performance (more…)

A gesture waves us on, answering our own wave

NERO is glad to present A gesture waves us on, answering our own wave, a publication curated by V4ULT which looks at interfaces in an expanded field. The book explores interfaces in relation to spatial dimensions, both physical and digital. The publication proposes that interfaces can alter the way we observe and behave in our surroundings, and suggests ways to design more responsive environments.  (more…)

Passo a Due

NERO is glad to present Passo a Due, the catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition at the MAN in Nuoro (30 May-29 June) curated by Lorenzo Giusti, the director of the museum, and Elena Volpato, the person in charge for the conservation at GAM in Turin and for the collection of films and artist’s videos. (more…)

Studio, Via Del Babuino 125, 2° Piano, 00187, Roma (1-6 Aprile 2014)

NERO is glad to present Studio, Via Del Babuino 125, 2° Piano, 00187, Roma (1-6 Aprile 2014)a new multiple by Olaf Nicolai, one of Germany’s most prominent artists. The edition consists of a compact wooden box, containing six artists book and six reproductions of the original works presented in his namesake solo project at Studio Geddes in Rome. (more…)