Parco Lambro 76′ by Alberto Grifi – Sala della Scherma al Foro Italico

Tomorrow, Saturday 29 November at 9pm, NERO in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale Alberto Grifi will present the film Festival del proletariato giovanile al Parco Lambro (1976) by Alberto Grifi. The film is projected on the occasion of Nico Vascellari‘s exhibit Codalunga, which consists of a series of events, meetings and performances held for the duration of the show in the Sala della Scherma al Foro Italico (Ex Aula Bunker) in Rome. (more…)

Sixteen Shades of Grey – Massimodeluca Gallery

Giovanni Sartori Braido, Strutture abbandonate in uno spazio 2, 2013 acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm Courtesy of the artist and Galleria Massimodeluca


On 28 November 2014, Sixteen shades of grey, a two-person exhibition by Giovanni Sartori Braido (Venezia Mestre, 1989) and Vito Stassi (Palermo, 1980), curated by Eva Comuzzi will open at 7pm at the Massimodeluca Gallery in Venice. The title, an ironic allusion to the erotic best seller by Erika Leonard James that is currently the most sold book ever, came instinctively and with a hint of fun thinking about what, at first glance, unites the work of the two artists, while the number indicates all the shades of grey that the human eye can perceive. (more…)

Andrea Kvas – CO2

Andrea Kvas ‘Atacai’ installation view, Untitled, 2014, courtesy CO2, Turin


On 8 November 2014, the exhibition Atacai by Andrea Kvas opened at CO2 in Turin. The work of Andrea Kvas is based on the deconstruction and analysis of the painting object. This analytical approach leads the developer to define the fields of action within which you can move, in both instinctive and emotional ways, experimenting with different techniques and approaches. (more…)

David Jablonowski – Galerie Fons Welters

Snapshot of an HSBC advertisement at London Gatwick Airport.


Today, Friday 21 November sees the opening of the second solo exhibition Hype Cycle by David Jablonowski at the Galerie Fons Welters in Amsterdam. In the image above, the body of an Egyptian sphinx has been seamlessly combined with the head of a Chinese dragon. Merging two powerful emblems – different symbolic traits: will the powerful dragon answer the sphinx’ riddle? (more…)

AIRBNB Pavilion Bari – 63rd-77th STEPS

fàlo, in collaboration with 63rd-77th STEPS - Art Project Staircase – presents a performance in the meeting room of the former Post Office in Bari, designed by Roberto Narducci in 1931 for the fascist government. Drawing from community development techniques and methods, the collective will explore the political aporias latent in online communities. (more…)

Francesco Barocco – Norma Mangione Gallery

Untitled, 2014, graphite, spray paint, collage on paper, 31 x 25,5 cm


On 11 November 2014, the solo exhibition of works by Francesco Barocco opened at the Norma Mangione Gallery in Turin. Installed in modules, the works on display constitute abstractions of the home, overlapping with, and transforming the exhibition space. Entering the gallery to see the works thus becomes a metaphor for a transition into an “other” space, which is essential if one is to make meaningful contact with them. (more…)