Simone Forti: On an Iron Post at the Box in Los Angeles

Simone Forti’s latest exhibition, On an Iron Post, at the Box in Los Angeles surveys over fifty years of the artist’s work and includes video, sculpture and drawing. The exhibition reveals Forti’s tendency toward collaboration with almost half the works exhibited crediting friends, colleagues and technicians. (more…)

Maurizio Nannucci: Top Hundred at Museion in Bolzano

Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono


Top Hundred, curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer at Museion in Bolzano is a project by Maurizio Nannucci that presents a hundred works selected from artists’ multiples, publications, books and records, as well as videos, magazines, documents and ephemera belonging to a hundred leading artists on the international scene from the 1960s to the present, from the Zona Archives collection he started in 1967. (more…)

Jim Shaw: The End is Here at the New Museum in New York

Jim Shaw, Labyrinth: I Dreamt I was Taller than Jonathan Borofsky, 2009


Over the past thirty years, Jim Shaw has become one of the United States’ most influential and visionary artists, moving between painting, sculpture, and drawing, and building connections between his own psyche and America’s larger political, social, and spiritual histories. Shaw mines his imagery from the cultural refuse of the twentieth century, using comic books, record covers, conspiracy magazines, and obscure religious iconography to produce a portrait of the nation’s subconscious. (more…)

Metahaven: The Sprawl at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco

Metahaven, The Sprawl (still), 2015


For their exhibition at YBCA, Amsterdam based design and research studio Metahaven debut the first gallery presentation of their new film project, The Sprawl. In an immersive video installation that explores the mutation of propaganda in the age of social media, with a particular focus on how the diffuse, networked circulation of messages through these channels affects how we read, interpret, and understand events. (more…)

SUBMISSION, Anne de Vries at Cell Project Space in London


Cell Project Space is presenting a solo project by Berlin based, Dutch artist, Anne de Vries. His new work deals with varying notions of “the individual” inside mass collectivity of “pluralist culture” bringing into question an evolving ideology of design and architecture in the public sphere. For this project de Vries unfolds an integration of physical and virtual elements from the synthetic environment of large-scale music events that reveal an environment that hinges on an uninterrupted flow of sound, image, light and digital information, to the intimate connected world of small mobile devices, headsets and the global portals of the Internet. Both are positioned to develop fictional power structures that engineer mass ecstatic experience or opportunities to escape. (more…)

C by Heinrich Dunst and Christoph Meier at Collicaligreggi, Catania

Galleria Collicaligreggi announces the exhibition C by Heinrich Dunst and Christoph Meier. What Heinrich Dunst and Christoph Meier have in common is the same vision of art and way of conceiving and operating within a creative space. They both use a language which is not confined to just sculpture or painting, but goes beyond genre categories and deals with internal issues and problems within the realm of contemporary art. (more…)