Fabrizio Prevedello – Cardelli & Fontana artecontemporanea at Arte Fiera in Bologna

For the 40th edition of the ArtFiera Fair Cardelli & Fontana artecontemporanea presents, in its stand, a unique construction designed and built by Fabrizio Prevedello to accommodate its staff. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Antonio Grulli. (more…)



Ex Silentio is the first solo exhibition of Yanyan Huang (b. 1988 in Sichuan, China) at BASEMENT ROMA. Produced across time zones and geographical borders, a chaotic growth of hypnotic gestures highlight the constant shift between identity and dissolution, fullness and empti- ness, memory and impulses. (more…)

SubBrixia Intervention III: Francesco Fonassi for Ospedale in Brescia

NERO is pleased to announce the opening of a third artistic intervention in the Brescian metro. SubBrixia, now known as the underground art of Brescia, opens a stop at Ospedale. The third installation (following those by  Rä di Martino at Marconi metro stop and Marcello Malaberti at Stazione) of this diffused underground art trail, is a sound work conceived by the artist Francesco Fonassi. The opening on the 28th of January 2016 will start with a live performance by the duo FLOS Formentini, constituted by Luca Formentini and Stefano Castagna. (more…)

NEW WORLD SUMMIT at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Ultrecht

Design: Remco van Bladel. Demonstration in Amude on October 31, 2015, Cezîre Canton, Rojava, Western Kurdistan (Syria).
Photo: Jonas Staal.


New World Summit: Stateless Democracy is the sixth iteration of the New World Summit, an artistic and political organization founded by artist Jonas Staal, dedicated to constructing “alternative parliaments” for stateless political organizations that find themselves excluded from democratic processes. Presented by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, in collaboration with Utrecht University, Utrecht; Centraal Museum, Utrecht; and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), Brussels, New World Summit is a three-day assembly that explores the possibilities of uncoupling the practice of democracy from the construct of the nation-state. (more…)

WHAT IS CRITIQUE? – International symposium

What is Critique? Touching on the legacy of the Enlightenment, that always needs to be updated and critically analyzed, this question will be discussed in relation to its central role for civil society. A critical attitude towards all assertions and realities can put us in a position to reflect on them, instead of simply believing them to be true. At the same time we have to acknowledge that a critical attitude includes affirmative traits, thus implies and presupposes affirmations that limit its critical access. (more…)

BOOK LAUNCH – Cristian Chironi. Broken English | My house is a Le Corbusier at MAMbo in Bologna

NERO is pleased to announce the launch of the volume Cristian Chironi. Broken English | My house is a Le Corbusier at MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna on the occasion of Arte Fiera/Art City. Published by NERO, the two-sided book contains different projects by the artist. Intersecting and diverging, both projects raise questions surrounding communication, reading and interpretation and concomitant linguistic and socio-political implications. (more…)