Gallery Weekend Berlin

Gallery Weekend Berlin begins today. A full weekend of art – the 12th Gallery Weekend Berlin, from 29 April to 1 May, will present established artists and promising newcomers, spanning historical and contemporary exhibitions of around 50 participating galleries from allover Berlin. (more…)

die Rose – Petra Cortright at Société in Berlin

die Rose, a solo exhibition by artist Petra Cortight opens at Société tonight and coincides with Gallery Weekend in Berlin. (more…)

Ja – David Horvitz at Chert in Berlin

“Whenever I take a shower I wonder when the water was a cloud”, neon, 2016


Ja is a solo exhibition by artist David Horvitz opening tonight at Chert‘s new spaces in Berlin. (more…)

UNdocumenta at Asia Culture Center – Theater in South Korea

© Raya Martin & Antoine Thirion, 2016. Logo: Roman Seban, 2016.


Initiated by filmmaker Raya Martin and critic Antoine Thirion on the invitation of Seonghee Kim and Max-Philip Aschenbrenner, UNdocumenta is a film festival revolving around the lost accounts of cinema (through material destruction, acts of censorship, political, economic or human contingencies) and condemned histories of nations (by social displacement, cultural annihilation or deliberate disappearance). The traditional program of screenings becomes a series of performative events. (more…)

Aventura – Renato Leotta at Madragoa Gallery in Lisbon

Aventura, a solo exhibition by Renato Leotta, begins the program of the new gallery, Madragoa in Lisbon. (more…)

MM – Mundus Muliebris at Basement Roma

MM – Mundus Muliebris opens this Wednesay 27th of April 2016 at Basement in Rome and is an exhibition curated by Nicoletta Lambertucci in dialogue with CURA. Works by Patrizio Di Massimo, Than Hussein Clark an George Henry Longly are products that tell a story of insolent fantasies and desires, in a context that makes them schizophrenic characters. (more…)