Tomás Saraceno at RAVE East Village Artist Residency – Animal Spaces

Tomás Saraceno with artists and students, Villa Manin, 2016


The artist and architect Tomás Saraceno is this year’s guest at the RAVE East Village Artist Residency. This regular appointment with contemporary art in Friuli Venezia Giulia has now reached its fifth edition and is held at Villa Manin until 31 July 2016. (more…)

Draft – The 2016 Zurich Conference

Ju Anqi, Drill Man (still), 2016. Photo: Ju Anqi Studio.


Draft explores contemporary art that produces, contributes to or provokes public debate. It involves nine interdisciplinary collaboratives from nine cities: Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mumbai, St. Petersburg and Zurich. The conference is focused on the projects developed and carried out by the collaboratives over the past 12 months in their local contexts. The projects intervene in contexts of action, production and discourse, by exploring the imaginary, rendering the latent visible or critiquing concrete circumstances. (more…)

Oro Valley by Ross Iannatti and Take this Gum and Stick it at Ellis King in Dublin

Ross Iannatti, Oro Valley installation view at Ellis King, Dublin 2016


Oro Valley is a solo show by Ross Iannatti, currently on display and running parallel to the group exhibition Take this Gum and Stick it, at Ellis King in Dublin. (more…)

Cristian Chironi – My house is a Le Corbusier (Curutchet House), La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

My house is a Le Corbusier (Saluti affettuosi), 2016, Casa Curutchet, hand-cut postcard, 10x15cm, courtesy of the artist


Following the residencies that took place in a number of architectural works of Le Corbusier across Italy and in France: Esprit Nouveau (Bologna), Studio-Apartment (Paris), Appartement 50 – Unité d’habitation (Marseille), and the transits through the Cité de Refuges (Paris) and the Pavillon Suisse (Paris), Cristian Chironi takes the project My house is a Le Corbusier to a temporary residency in Argentina, in the home/studio of Doctor Curutchet at La Plata, Buenos Aires province, between 1– 26 August 2016. The first phase of Chironi’s evolving project is documented in the two-sided book – Cristian Chironi My House is a Le Corbusier / Broken English – published by NERO.


Goulding the Lolly at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York

Goulding the Lolly installation view, Gavin Brown’s Enterpise, New York, 2016


Goulding the Lolly is a group exhibition showing (closes 30 July 2016) at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York. What follows is a text by the curator of the exhibition, Brian Belott. (more…)

HELICOTREMA 5 at World Breakers – Centrale Fies, Dro

NERO renews the longterm partnership with Helicotrema, providing an exclusive preview of four audio pieces that will be presented during the festival. The fifth edition of Helicotrema will take place from 28 to 30 July 2016 at Centrale Fies, Dro (TN) for World Breakers, the XXXVI edition of Drodesera.  (more…)