Giulio Squillaciotti “Visto due Volte” at Barriera, Turin

Visto due volte / Twice Seen, 2017
Film HD – Video 2.35:1 – Audio Stereo
Text from a work by Gaetano Carusotto (© Archivio Mai Visti)


Visto due volte is currently on display at Barriera,Turin. It is the solo exhibition of artist Giulio Squillacciotti who was invited by Arteco (Annalisa Pellino and Beatrice Zanelli) to a residence that is an integral part of the study and research work carried out in irregular-art histories – historically defined as art brut and most recently outsider art  – of the Mai Visti project. (more…)

Luca de Leva “Ultime Volontà” at ADA, Rome

Luca De Leva
Saltellando tra i passi falsi, 2017
fiberglass, bronze bubble gum
114 x 27 x 37 cm
Courtesy of the artist and ADA, Roma


NERO is pleased to announce Ultime Volontà, the first solo exhibition by Luca De Leva at ADA, Rome. (more…)

Renato Leotta “Amicizia” at Madragoa, Lisbon

Renato Leotta
installation view


MADRAGOA is currently presenting AMICIZIA, the second solo exhibition by Renato Leotta at the gallery and in Portugal. (more…)

Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza “Die andere Seite” at Colli Independent Art Gallery, Rome

Die andere Seite, the fifth project room made by Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza and curated by Daniela Cotimbo at Colli Independent Art Gallery in Rome, opens this Friday 22 September at 6:00pm. (more…)

Aimée Zito Lema at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

Installation detail: Imprinted Mater, fragment of an archive image (Archivo General de la Nación Argentina Dpto. Doc. Fotográficos), Looiersgracht 60, 2017. 


Looiersgracht 60 is presenting the first major institutional exhibition in the Netherlands by Dutch-Argentine artist Aimée Zito LemaImprinted Mater. A specifically commissioned on-site project will be exhibited alongside a selection of new works. (more…)

Sam Porritt at c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels

Installation view ‘Lonely target’:
Lost and Found
Up and Out
Magic, Aluminium, clay, fabric, polystyrene, 127 x 15 x 99 cm, unique, 2017
©Sam Porritt

‘How do you ward off the infection?’ asked the Dirty Cleaner. ‘Obviously, I don’t’ the Sick Doctor replied. ‘What do you mean by that?’ Inquired the Stupid Teacher slow-wittedly. ‘Well it’s obvious that she doesn’t!’ The Tireless Patient answered in place of the doctor. ‘I’m getting fond of its effects,’ explained the Willing Hostage. ‘I don’t seem to have that problem’, countered the Inhospitable Host. ‘But just how contagious is this thing? What should I know? What can I do?’ the Diligent Dilettante asked again. ‘It’ll kill us all’ uttered the Dead Undertaker. ‘Then we’ll have to find a cure’ the Lost Explorer proposed. ‘I’ll follow you but at a distance’ the Timid Adventurer murmured. ‘You go, I’m staying here’, the Lazy Runner sighed. ‘Whatever the cost’ the Poor Banker assured, ‘I’ll finance the whole thing.’ The Consistent Hypocrite spoke next adding: ‘Go with your guts and a cool head and always remember that going back is the best way forward, all else is purposeful folly.’ ‘But what will I say to the people?’ The Democratic Dictator enquired undecidedly. ‘I agree!’ The Leaderless Follower volunteered with unthinking haste. ‘Let me take care of that!’ The Irrelevant Artist and the Powerless Politician yelled in unison. So they tried, and to no avail. The pandemic transmitted by wifi swept all before it. (more…)