Marco Raparelli – Welcome to the rest of your life

<em>Marco Raparelli</em>, welcome to the rest of your life

Marco Raparelli, welcome to the rest of your life


Umberto di Marino gallery is pleased to present the second solo show by Marco Raparelli entitled Welcome to the rest of your life, on Saturday 2 March 2013. The artist’s roots lie in the black and white illustrations of comic books. Using a highly personal and original approach, he creates an apparently ironic communicative language that is undoubtedly effective for exploring various aspects of the surrounding world, including the art world, thanks to his insightful view of society. Drawing is a crucial feature of Raparelli’s work although he avoids any tendency for decoration to predominate. The figures in his works seem to be taken by surprise, unveiled in bizarre poses or in ordinary scenes of everyday life; this portrayal of humanity is universally recognisable and lacks elitist exclusions, enabling everyone to recognise themselves in one of these strange, awkward figures.
Employing a ruthless, formal synthesis, the artist recounts what it means to be human without any intention of offering a critique. He provides an eloquent and universal illustration of humanity which, despite being in a constant state of change, will remain timeless in certain ways.
To mark the solo show at the Galleria Umberto Di Marino, a stimulating survey of Raparelli’s varied and unflinchingly consistent work will be on display in the gallery. A series of works mark the main phases of his artistic career. The freely applied, darting pencil strokes go beyond the restricted surface of the sheet of paper. With a range of variations, they materialise in the form of three-dimensional profiles with a painterly feel; they come to life through video animation or even invade three-dimensional space with projections and plays of light and shadow. The exhibition is an organic whole that features the presentation of three tables, specially designed by the artist to interact with projections and slides, several site-specific works and sculptures. All the figures in the artist’s imaginary world are portrayed in three-dimensional form. The works are faithful transpositions of his drawings which become “advertising testimonials” of the everyday life of contemporary society.

Galleria Umberto Di Marino – Via Alabardieri 1, Napoli
March 2 – April 27 , 2013