NERO PUBLISHING: Patrick Tuttofuoco – Focus on his eyes


<em>Patrick Tuttofuoco</em>, Focus in his eyes, NERO

Patrick Tuttofuoco, Focus on his eyes, NERO

NERO is pleased to announce the release of a new book by Italian artist Patrick Tuttofuoco. In the last issue of the magazine, NERO published a text by Tuttofuoco in which the artist explains his debt to the work of  Medardo Rosso, an artist from an older generation. This book delves deeper into his practice, documenting part of the artistic research carried out by Tuttofuoco in his Berlin studio on the occasion of the recent show “Focus on his eyes”, which took place at the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid.
The pages of this book recount the intimate and experimental dimension of Tuttofuoco’s new sculptural phase, which tends towards a neo-figurative and indeterministic representation: the result of a dialogue between the singularity of individual vision and the fragmentary nature of collective imagery. Man goes back to being the unit of measurement through which to decipher all things: things which are, that they are, and things which are not, that they are not. The complex nature of human beings and its direct relation to the artwork become a paradigm through which one may comprehend the world in a timeless dimension in continuous transformation.

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