Draftsmen’s Fest



Draftsmen’s fest is a display in progress that relates the drawing – as a direct expression and gesture – and the sound production, curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Massimiliano Bomba. Draftsmen’s fest examines the syncretic relationship between the drawed image and sound, with a special focus to the intimate and deep relation that is established when the spectator is involved in a frontal way: as a metaphor for the immediate impact that the binomial sound/image is able to activate.

The two swiss artists – that collaborate at the ISR Milano for the first time – will present the result of a site specific and experimental research about drawing & sound. (Three days of drawing lines, connecting cables, recording loops.) They are particularly interested in gestural exchanges between visual sketching and musical improvisation. Their collaboration is less concerned with direct forms of representation like musical notation/visualization, but rather functions through the act of digitally sampling or remixing each other. This transfer is also done with the aid of another exchange medium – xeroxed posters a.k.a ‘touch screens’ – that have the function of loops/samples and show part of their own production process. Field recordings & field drawings get fed back into the work like metabolic loops, digesting themselves.
The final outcome are two unfinished documents inscribed in each other: a drawing surface and a soundscape that open an associative space between production and reception.


Istituto Svizzero di Roma, sede di Milano – Via Vecchio Politecnico 3
April 19 – h 07.00 pm