Hiraku Suzuki – Excavated Reverberations

<em>circuit</em> (detail), 2012, silver ink on paper © Hiraku Suzuki, photo: Monica Baptista

circuit (detail), 2012, silver ink on paper © Hiraku Suzuki, photo: Monica Baptista


In Hiraku Suzuki’s practice, drawing is expanded from a primitive method of expression into a contemporary technique of reflection and transformation. Associating the act of drawing with the process of ‘excavation,’ he reveals memories and ‘unknowns’ that lie dormant within our daily life. He perceives paper surfaces as excavation sites, carefully inscribing the moment when the different dimensions of time and space are generated from a limited two-dimensional phase. His recent drawings, in which he repeatedly uses light reflective materials such as silver marker and spray paint, shift their visibility according to the viewers’ perspective, creating resonance with the immediate environment.
In this exhibition, Excavated Reverberations, Hiraku Suzuki presents his recent approaches to drawing through several series of works on paper, applying various different methods. He has a constant interest in the genesis of letters and symbols. This leads him to explore the concept of alternative universal languages, which he relates to familiar environments and materials in today’s world.

Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation – 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Londra
March 21 – May 10, 2013