PIGS by Amalia Ulman – NO FLOOR edition launch

<em>Pigs</em> by Amalia Ulman, No Floor

Pigs by Amalia Ulman, No Floor


No Floor is a web-based stage for streaming happenings, performances and Internet interventions. On 30 April, No Floor presents its new edition by artist Amalia Ulman, based on her online intervention titled PIGS, that took place last August on www.no-floor.com
PIGS (2012) analyses current eurozone’s meltdown by taking an action in Greece, one of the most affected countries in the EU; contrasting its financial reality with its popularity as a touristic destination, exploring daily attractions and the nightlife of party islands like Kos, Ios, Mykonos, Santorini and the symbolic violence/power enforced by visitors through tourism.
PIGS is an acronym used to refer to the economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. The term has been used since at least the mid-1990s as an epithet referring to Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain noted for similar economic environments. The term became popularized by the wider media during the European sovereign debt crisis, alternatively used as a shortform for Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. The term was denounced as pejorative by the Portuguese Finance Minister in 2008. Members of the international economic press continue to use the term.
Amalia Ulman (1989, Argentina) lives and works between London (UK) and Gijon (Spain). The main focus of her research is class differences and how they affect social interactions, emotions and human relations. Her work analyses social stratification, cultural capital, class imitation and seduction. Recent exhibitions include solo shows Savings & Shelves at Headquarters (Zurich), Overcome Cleanse at Galeria Adriana Suarez (Spain) and duo shows: Profit | Decay at Arcadia Missa (London) and Immune Stability at Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles). She is the founder and curator MAWU-LISA and was one of the panel members of 89+ curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets for the DLD13 Conference (Munich).
No Floor’s aim is the interpretation of the net as a physical space. It is a stage which hosts on-line interventions. The content is an action/event which takes place on-line in a limited amount of time, which can vary from an hour to a month. Once an event has taken place, it disappears from the web, leaving behind only a physical object which contains a trace of the event ready to be spread out in the off-line world.
No Floor is a project by Federico Proietti

h. 21: reading by Amalia Ulman (AFK)
h. 22: Santorini Discotheque

No Floor – PIGS by Amalia Ulman
Tuesday – April 30 @NERO hq – Lungotevere degli Artigiani 8b