Draftsmen’s Fest #3 – Dennis Tyfus vs Canedicoda


<em>Draftsmens</em> Fest

Draftsmens Fest


Draftsmen’s fest is a display in progress that relates the drawing – as a direct expression and gesture – and the sound production, curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Massimiliano Bomba. Draftsmen’s fest examines the syncretic relationship between the drawn image and sound, with a special focus to the intimate and deep relation that is established when the spectator is involved in a frontal way: as a metaphor for the immediate impact that the binomial sound/image is able to activate.
In the third issue Dennis Tyfus and Canedicoda present “I’M HOT”; a title that recalls erotic chat-lines from the nineties, a project in which the two artists are faced in a improvisation between languages.
Creative impulse produces a continuous series of ephemeral situations where the imaginaries of the two artist collide.

Tyfus and Canedicoda will coat the walls of the space with black acrylic, and their alter egos – Vom Grill and Ottaven – will build a sound composition out of a visual structure. Vom Grill uses voice, tapes and minimal effects, Ottaven uses a modified analog drum machine and a digital sound device. The live set will include moments of overlap along with the solo performances of each artist. It is not possible to establish a precise duration.

Istituto Svizzero di Roma sede di Milano – via Vecchio Politecnico 3
3 may, 2013 – h 21 pm