Draftsmen’s Fest #4 – Linus Bill & Adrien Horni feat. Lorenzo Senni


The fourth and last appointment in Milan of the Draftsmen’s Fest completes the musical program that began on 28 March, with a new display and live set by the visual artists Linus Bill & Adrien Horni and the sound artist Lorenzo Senni. Together for the first time, the three artists will activate a device that expands the idea of specificity of the medium. Senni will mix his background – based on noise and digital music – with analysis of the stylemes and archetypes of trance/hard trance music, combined with an investigation of the Hardstyle genre, the dance movement in vogue during the 2000s on the European clubbing circuit. Starting with the same musical references, Linus Bill & Adrien Horni, the Swiss duo, both born in 1982, will develop a wall painting inspired and influenced by the musical subgenre, interpreting the visual display that will accompany the musical performance of Lorenzo in an abstract, personal way.
Draftsmen’s Fest is a display in progress that associates drawing – seen as direct gestural expression – with the production of sound. During each of the 4 events of the program in Milan, projects will be presented by Swiss and international artists and musicians, specially developed for the Swiss Institute in Milan.
Previous appointments: #1 Giorgio Di Salvo feat. Primitive Art (28 March); #2 Lorenzo Bernet feat. Jan Vorisek (19 April); #3 Dennis Tyfus vs Canedicoda (3 May).
Another part of the project, totally new, will take place of the Istituto Svizzero di Roma in June, as part of the program of the Secondo Congresso dei Disegnatori (10 May – 30 June, Istituto Svizzero di Roma and other venues).

Draftsmen’s Fest examines the syncretic relationship between drawn imagery and sound, with particular focus on the intimate, confidential rapport that happens when the spectator is engaged in a frontal way: in a literal sense, and as a metaphor of the immediate impact the sound/image pairing can bring about. The artists and musicians invited to participate return to a practice that puts sound and sign into direct relation, full of mutual exchanges and references. This practice comes from a shared source of inspiration, namely the so-called Providence school and the successive episodes in the late 1990s and early 2000s of what was to become the symbolic place of a transnational movement, from the East Coast to the West Coast, Canada and Europe, by way of Japan: Fort Thunder, an abandoned industrial complex in Providence (Rhode Island, USA), occupied until 2001 by avant-garde musicians and artists, including Brian Ralph, Jim Drain, Brian Gibson and Brian Chippendale of Lighting Bolt, and Hisham Akira Bharoocha of Black Dice.
Artists who straddle the settings, places, persons and project that, over time, have consolidated on the international cultural scene: starting with this scenario, Draftsmen’s Fest attempts to reveal a precise expressive hemisphere, occupying the spaces of the Swiss Institute in Milan with sound and signs.

Istituto Svizzero di Roma sede di Milano – via Vecchio Politecnico 3
22 may, 2013 – h 22 pm