Gervasuti Foundation’s program for the 55th Venice Biennal

Collaboration, fresh perspectives, engagement with the local community, and the preservation of local memory are what fuels us.”  Fiona Biggiero, Artistic Director

Gervasuti Foundation’s mission is focused on an innovative experimental  Preservation-Through-Change Project, which aims to be both local and international: preserving the uniquely inventive and rich cultural traditions of Venetian history through the promotion and production of interdisciplinary contemporary art practice.

The aim is to forge a network of local and international artists to work with and to rethink and address the cultural context while developing experimental projects which make use of local realities and materials, thereby revitalizing Castello Alto’s intrinsic creativity, an area famous for having been one of the most dynamic and productive of the city.

The objective of the Foundation is to establish strong collaborations specifically with artists, and with institutions and organizations, to construct a fresh perspective by means of workshops based on through contemporary discourse and production. While encouraging participation with the neighbourhood and involving the local community, the intention is to invite artists, as well as to build partnerships with organizations and institutions, to cooperate in creating projects that stimulate a respectful use and development of an area which, like so many others, faces the risk of being engulfed by global tourism leading to the inevitable result of the loss of cultural memory.

Gervasuti Foundation – situated between the Giardini and the Arsenale, always maintains a high presence during the Venice Biennale. This year it is host to the first national participation of the Maldives, exhibitions by Gavin Turk and Tim Noble and Sue Webster and the project, Joan of Art: Towards a Free education.

Gervasuti Foundation’s 55th International Venice Biennale Programme presentation:

Maldives Pavilion
Portable Nation / Disappearance as work in progress
Curators, CPS – Chamber of Public Secrets (Alfredo Cramerotti, Aida Eltorie, Khaled Ramadan) in collaboration with Gervasuti Foundation
Associate curators: Maren Richter, Camilla Boemio

Artists: Wael Darwesh,Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Thierry Geoffrey aka Colonel, Gregory Niemeyer, Stefano Cagol, Hanna Husberg, Laura McLean & Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza, Khaled Ramadan in collaboration with Abed Anouti, Moomin Fouad, Mohamed Ali, Sama Alshaibi, Patrizio Travagli, Achilleas Kentonis & Maria Papacaharalambous, Wooloo, Khaled Hafez, Ursula Biemann, Heidrun Holzfeind & Christoph Draeger, Klaus Schafler, Oliver Ressler

Artist: Gavin Turk
Curators: Fiona Biggiero and James Putnam.
Site specific project by Gervasuti Foundation

Hunting Song
Artist: Whitney McVeigh
Curator: James Putnam. Assistant curator Vassiliki Tzanakou
Site specific project by Gervasuti Foundation

Inter-city Pavilion Project – 9th Shanghai Biennial to the 55th Venice Biennale
Curator: ArtHub Asia in collaboration with Gervasuti Foundation
Artists: Jose Carlos Martinat Mendoza, Francesco De Grandi, Song Zhen
Curators: José -Carlos Mariategui, Laura Barreca, Davide Quadrio, Fiona Biggiero

Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education Project by Mike Watson – curator in-residence
Artist: Harold De Bree, Andrew Rutt
Curator: Mike Watson – Assistant curator: Donatella Giordano

Artist: Paolo W.Tamburella
A project by Gervasuti Foundation

Bruchium Studios, La Linfa del Sapere di Aristotele
A project by Gervasuti Foundation

If  a DandeLION Could Talk / Sigma 1
Artists: Stefan Bertalan, Constantin Flondor, Duru Tulcan
Curator: Adina Drinceanu


In the next weeks, as media partner of the Gervasuti Foundation’s program, NERO will be focusing on some of its projects: in the following days we will publish the first blogpost made in collaboration with the Joan Of Art: Towards a Free Education project, initiated and curated by Mike Watson, in which we are going to present some video clips from the opening day’s symposium held on April 13th at the MACRO museum in Rome. Here follows a brief presentation of Joan Of Art:

Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education

In residence with Gervasuti Foundation, at the Venice Biennale, 2013.

The aim of the project Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education System is to deliver a free education system, starting from the very basis of what education is: The sharing of information. In the first stages the very notion of education will be explored so that a new system can be delivered which recognises the value of sharing knowledge between peers and across disciplines,  tying into the theme of an ‘Encyclopedic Palace’ – the theme of the 55th Venice Biennale – as kind of shared knowledge store, through which we teach one another.

In its first year the project has collaborated with Nomas Foundation, Macro and European Alternatives.

From late May   until November 2013 the project will be continued in residence with Gervasuti Foundation – location of the Maldives Pavilion – ,Venice, in collaboration with Worm Foundation (Rotterdam).

Opening and closing events will include interventions from artist Harold de Bree and from the occupants of Teatro Valle, MACAO and Teatro Garibladi Aperto, delivering a talk on new educational strategies and developing a new free course on art, politics and education, to be delivered from art spaces internationally:  an archive of cultural knowledge initiated during the 55th biennale, the Encyclopedic Palace.

Artists/Activists/Institutions involved: Graham Hudson, Harold De Bree, Robert Pettena, Worm Foundation, Royal College of the Arts, Nomas Foundation, NERO, SALE docks, MACAO