Draftsmen’s Fest #5 – Roma


The artists involved in the “Draftsmen’s fest ” on Milan, will come to Rome and will perform in a long evening of suond act and visual actions.
During the night will perform: Lorenzo Bernet, Canedicoda, Giorgio Di Salvo, Yannic Joray, Primitive Art, Lorenzo Senni, Dennis Tyfus.
The occupants, public, the former workers and the Swiss and Roman artists are invited to draw together and rethink, through music and design,the urban space, skills, art and crafts.

Draftsmen’s fest is a display in progress that relates the drawing – as a direct expression and gesture – and the sound production. During each of five event, curated by Francesco de Figueiredo and Massimiliano Bomba, are presented projects developed by artist and musicians – swiss and international – designed for the Swiss Institute in Milan.
Draftsmen’s fest examines the syncretic relationship between the drawed image and sound, with a special focus to the intimate and deep relation that is established when the spectator is involved in a frontal way: as a metaphor for the immediate impact that the binomial sound/image is able to activate.

Officine occupate ex RSI
Via Umberto Partini 21, Roma – June 7 h18 – 23