Doppelgaenger – Tony Fiorentino



On Saturday June 1, from 12 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Gallery Doppelgaenger presents Dominium Melancholiae , an unprecedented action by Tony Fiorentino created for the Salenbauch Space of Venice.
As every year, during the Biennial of contemporary art, the Salenbauch Space hosts an artist’s work; this year it’s time for Tony Fiorentino, born in 1987, presenting the project Dominium melancholiae in collaboration with the Gallery Doppelgaenger of Bari. An installation of “mutant” sculptures by the young artist who, starting from the Academy of Carrara, continued his research between Athens and London.
The venetian exhibition is his first solo show in Italy.
Fiorentino explains himself his work: “Starting from the analyse of the artwork ‘Melacholia  I’ made by Albrecht Dürer in 1514, I discovered that the sea view with its small ships was probably the Venice lagoon. Saturn, and more specifically every comet linked to it, was considered responsible for the floods and high tides. It can be said that each comet appearing into a representation of Melanconia is to be one of these “saturnine comet”, it is clearly stated that these comets threaten the world with the Dominium melancholiae.
Even in cuneiform Babylonian texts was considered an established fact that a comet, turned toward the Earth, forewarned the high tide and the person who could predict such catastrophes was, particularly, the melancholic one. (from the book Saturn and Melancholy of Panofsky). The work Dominium melancholiae consists in a theca of glass in which the Saturn tree is built, that is an artificial vegetation obtained through the zinc immersion in distilled water and lead acetate. From zinc immersed in the solution chemistry, leaflets of lead come out covering it completely and creating a new changeable form that gives rise to a dark gray / black sculpture.This sculpture immersed into the liquid represents perfectly the melancholic humor, as the term “humor” comes from the Greek ygrós that is liquid, humid, wet. This artwork is susceptible to movement and its delicacy becomes an essential part of it

Spazio Salenbauch - Calle Larga XXII Marzo (San Marco) – Venice
June 1 – October 5, 2013