Adam Green -Yellow Show


<em>Adam Green</em>, selection from The Yellow Show

Adam Green, selection from The Yellow Show


Since 1998 Adam Green have released eight solo albums, proclaiming himself as one of the most  prolific songwriting talents. As part of the downtown antifolk scene, in 2007 he enjoyed mainstream success via the Grammy-winning soundtrack of Academy Award winning movie Juno.
Recently, his creativity have led him into the world of movies and visual arts, where write, produce and direct have been gathered to create  The Wrong Ferarri,- a feature length “screwball tragedy” shot entirely on the iPhone and starring Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Devendra Banhart, Francesco Mandelli, and Sky Ferreira. This new artistic multifaceted interest have guided him to stage four visual art exhibitions in New York City, as well as in Stockholm, Sweden. For the first time in Italy, in Rome , Motelsalieri will host  “The Yellow Show”, a solo-exhibit of Green’s visual art, that will open with a live performance of the artist featuring Francesco Mandelli.

Yellow show

After a particularly intense drug-hallucination (Salvia), I began to visualize a rich sea of yellow, so rich that I could actually taste it. I took a large piece of foamcore and traced what was inside my mind. That painting, “Bird Godhead” was my first yellow one. I found an ominous feeling in the yellow flesh of big-bird – an ancient mummified cartoon where the yellow seeped in and out from background to foreground.
Since then I’ve been mining his golden skin and pink/blue eyes for digital coins, reconstructing the videogame-like Houseface world into a neoclassical civilization of generals, aristocrats, workers, and ducks.
- Adam Aladdin Green, NYC

Motelsalieri, via Giovanni Lanza 162, Roma
July 8th – July 22nd – opening: July 8th  - h 6pm