Incontri ad Eéa


This year the innauguaral cultural event, entitled ‘Encounters EEA countries’, will take place at The Frontone Village, located in the heart of Ponza. The concept was inspired by Mauro Turco and by artist Alberto Di Fabio. The event is being held in memory of Alberto’s sister Tiziana, a poet  fond of all the doctrines of mind and body for the elevation of the spirit. The collaboration between the two Di Fabio brothers has been actualized in the renovation of a house/underground cave, which has become the summer house of Alberto and many international artists. Their inspiration came from the classical text of The Odyssey and other Greek memoirs, seeking to unify  Truth, Goodness and Beauty through soul, science and philosophy. Alberto and Tiziana dreamed of gathering together different artists in Ponza. Their presence will provide a fruitful space for new creations.

The event will feature:

Lisa Batacchi
Fabrizio Cicero
Valentina Lara Garbagnati
Samuele Menin
Lindsey Nobel
Robert Pettena
Eugenio Tibaldi
Ana Terzoni
Alessandro Toscano

Frontone Village – Ponza
July 8- July 14th