The Church of the Unconnected – III Internet Pavilion

18 July 2013

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Welcome to the Church of the Unconnected. You are in the III Internet Pavilion: a cathedral in the desert, halfway between this venue of the World Wide Web, and the ancient Oratory of San Ludovico, in Venice.
On the threshold  of the Biennale, near the maritime station.
As the church of All Saints, here rises the temple of the networks: an asylum for lonely sailors.
This is not an exhibition: it’s a place of gathering, of worship, perhaps of meeting.
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The saints: the Unconnected, the only true exceptions of the Internet.
Their spirit leads away from daily mail, from the rash sharing, the spam.
Finally alone. Connected again.
From this moment on, the Church of the Unconnected will host some functions: manifestations of the contemporary in its aspiration towards the eternity.
Attendance, offers, events will exist between the on-line and the off-line. There will be no need for dates, not always.
We will proceed by levels, as in the videogames. In Italy, we would call them ‘quadri’: a word that also means ‘paintings’.
The first quadro, the level 0, is a painting by Miltos Manetas, which declares and decorates the Church for what it is.
To it, will be added all the others.
Here is the Church of the Internet. In French we would say: Voilà l’Eglise de la Toile.

Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
(curatorial duo)