NERO PUBLISHING: V.A. – The Camera’s Blind Spot

In occasion of the the exhibition The Camera’s Blind Spot, in view at Museo Man, Nuoro until the past May, NERO is pleased to present the catalogue of the show, aiming to explore the multiple relationships between sculpture and photography. Filtered through the lenses of a composite group of artists, both American and European, mostly born after 1970, The Camera’s Blind Spot seeks to push to the limit the materiality of the photographic image, challenging the major limitation of the modern technique: the inability to reproduce a three-dimensional object on a flat surface.
The idea of the exhibition is to present what followed the creative approaches of Constantin Brancusi and Medardo Rosso, that begun to take pictures of their own artworks under different spatial and environmental conditions.
By doing so, The Camera’s Blind Spot aims not only at documenting the latest developments of this trend, but also to account to other possibilities, not less important today.

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