Joan of Art – Footage from the first conference

22 July 2013

As part of the ongoing partnership between NERO and the program Joan Of Art we present an art project at its first phase of conception. 

The aim of the project Joan of Art: Towards a Free Education System is to deliver a free education system, starting from the very basis of what education is: The sharing of information. In the first stages the very notion of education will be explored so that a new system can be delivered recognizing the value of sharing knowledge between peers and across disciplines.

An initial research period – undertaken by philosopher and curator Mike Watson – in residence at Nomas Foundation – has brought together artists, academics, activists, and a range of professionals working across diverse disciplines in order to examine the very roots of our education system.

On April 13th 2013 a conference was held at MACRO, where activists, artists curators and philosophers were invited from Italy and abroad to discuss the state of education and possible alternatives which could be delivered through the art world.

See below video footage of papers given by David Blacker (US, University of Delaware) and Mark Fisher (UK, Goldsmiths college) and an intervention given by Lorenzo Romito (ITA, Stalker).

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image