NERO PUBLISHING: Rosas Lounge and Sintesi Anatomica

NERO is pleased to present Sintesi Anatomica and Rosas Lounge, two publications based on the exhibition realized for the Gotham Prize 2013, Nyc,  created respectively by Sissi and Marinella Senatore.
Sintesi Anatomica  is a summary of the artist’s anatomical manual, Anatomia Parallela, personally produced by the artist at the beginning of her career.  Sintesi Anatomica refers to Sissi’s anatomical researches in a condensed form, aiming to analyze the complex relationship between interiority and  exteriority.
Rosas Lounge is an original document based on Marinella Senatore’s Rosas, seeking to  reveal the act of writing as one of the most important creative collective processes.  Last of a trilogy, specifically conceived for the screen, Rosas Lounge is a participatory artwork that involved diverse communities of people, activating local energies and converting them into abilities and useful competences.

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Rosas Lounge

Sintesti Anatomica