Piotr Janas – Bortolami

<em>Piotr Janas</em>, Janas 9, 2013

Piotr Janas, Janas 9, 2013


Bortolami Gallery is pleased to announce Minotaurs, an exhibition of new works by Warsaw-based artist Piotr Janas. Janas’ large-scale paintings straddle the line between the beautiful and the grotesque. The latest group of nine paintings – which the artist refers to as “figures” or “self-portraits” – addresses the violent actions of scratching, pulling and prodding. Hard-edged, mechanical lines puncture forms that recall organs, bodily fluids, and saclike body parts, which the artist deliberately renders ambiguous. The more violent shapes are painted in exacting brushstrokes of deep purple, magenta, and black, and contrast the backwashes of muted, fleshy pinks. Severe lines slash and stretch the surface of the canvas, creating a sense of depth that simultaneously repulses and attracts the viewer.
Janas’ paintings evoke an imagined world that spans the realms of nightmare and dream, interior and exterior, carnal and cerebral. Citing the Minotaur – one of the earliest instances of bestiality – Janasdarkly and ironically refers to the vulnerability of the body and his contradictory feelings of pride and disgust about sexuality and masculinity.

Bortolami Gallery-  520 W 20th Street, New York
June 27 – August 30, 2013 – opening reception – June 27  - 6 – 8 p.m. 

<em>Piotr Janas</em>, Janas 6, 2013

Piotr Janas, Janas 6, 2013


<em>Piotr Janas</em>, Installation View, 2013

Piotr Janas, Installation View, 2013


<em>Piotr Janas</em>Janas 5, 2013

Piotr JanasJanas 5, 2013