The String and the Mirror – Lisa Cooley

The String and the Mirror attempts to replicate a traditional approach to the presentation of sound based works, including a range of strategies such as multi-channel systems, spatialized sound and data sonifications. Rather than focusing on artists working with sound as an expanded practice, The String and the Mirror will explore sound as ideology and ontology. Sound will not be used to trace the lines that connect disparate activities and mediums. The work presented will explore the physicality and materiality of the aural, understood as a transgressive alternative to current visual arts practices. Since sound is penetrating and uncontainable, works placed in close proximity will inevitably spill and leak into one another creating a disorienting experience for the attendee, leading them to question where one work begins and the other ends. Emerging artists are not of interest for this show, will we not attempt to contextualize work of an older generation in light of a contemporary practice. There will be no performances aimed at elucidating some of the underlying concepts of the exhibition and the problematized contemporary discourse surrounding sound art. It will be fairly straightforward.

Lisa Cooley – 107 Norfolk Street, New York
1 August – 28 August, 2013